Saturday, June 23


We got a visit. 
On Wednesday we pick up at airport @ Nice our lovely friend Uschi. 
What to say about her? 
As you maybe already know I was always a little bit freak with my hairstyles (my dad even thinks I am obsessed with hair) and when I was the first time in Zurich (Switzerland) on the handball match I had a crazy short-blonde-"mohawk"-hairstyle and that is also the main reason why Uschi noticed me... few months later in Kiel @Vip section after the match, some lovely blonde woman come to me and introduced herself, saying that she saw me in Zurich and that I stayed in her mind because of my unusual hairstyle. This is how our friendship begins...
Today few years later I am in touch with Uschi on regular bases and she become our family friend. She is first female president of a handball federation and I am very proud on her. She is not just nice person but also intelligent one. She is always smiling and she is full of positive energy. What I love the most about her is the fact that she shows to everybody who can one live life to the fullest no mater what circumstances. I am happy to know her and this post from our little trip in Saint Paul de Vence is dedicated to you my dear!

Hope you will enjoy the photos and hope you will get a feeling of one of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera. 
Saint Paul de Vence it is well known for its modern and contemporary art museums and galleries and it's also a place where some famous people live their luxury lifestyle.

In case you want to know more about or even visit this beautiful town you can look here.

So what do you think? 


  1. Ania. You are such a Darling. Just continue writing. Have a wonderful weekend. Sad to leave Monaco tomorrow because life here is not bad at all. I enjoyed being with you. Take care. Big kiss Uschi

  2. Spremljam tvoje potepanje po Franciji in moram priznat, da mi je ful fotke, top stylingi... gorgeous <3

    xo I.

  3. ti prou zavidam tole pohajkovanje in uživanje, js bi tudii :P

  4. Doživete in uživaške fotkice, supr je ker vsak post govori neko zgodbo in nas zapelje nekam daleč stran :) Pa cute modra oblekica, perfect za poletna potepanja <3

  5. Ovdje sve po starom, odlične slike, odličan styling. :)

  6. i wish i was good at doing hair. thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, i feel like i just traveled.

  7. Ful lep post, res mas obcutek da si tam zraven na slikcah :)