Saturday, October 13

Dear friends,

I decided to stop blogging.. At this very moment I don't know if this is permanent decision or I will come back after a while. 
I had a lot of fun with this blog and have some really great experience captured on my camera, shared in the world through this little corner of mine. 
I appreciate all the comments I got - good and bad ones.. good ones make it all worth it and the bad ones - well, I guess they will make me a stronger, better person.
At the moment I am "frozen"... I don't find the right motivation to do it anymore, my creative side is frozen and I am just not sure if I am prepared to deal with everything what comes with putting yourself  out there publicly like we bloggers do.
I feel like I am  so much more than I showed you here, that I can offer much more, but not at this moment... I have high standards for everything in my life and if I think what I do is not my best, then it's the moment to stop. To rethink.
I hope you understand and I hope you know that I appreciate each one of you... we had so much fun! 

Saturday, October 6


Popolnoma utrujena po celodnevnem nakupovalno-sprehajajocem se dnevu... pa vendar cisto navdusena nad danasnjim vecerom z mojimi francoskimi gospodicnami, v nacrtu imamo namrec eno kul stvar! Vas zanima kaj? Obljubim, da boste kmalu videli in vedeli vse...
P.s. Na sliki lahko vidite moj novi pulovercek - ljubezen na prvi pogled (na blagajni mi ga je skoraj "ukradla" ena punca, ker je bil zadnji v trgovini, hehee)

After all day shop'n'walkin in the rain, I feel very tired... but still excited enough about the thing that me and my french ladies will do tonight! Just can't wait! Wanna know what? You, will see it very soon I promise! 
P.s.: I am wearing my new sweater - just felt in love with it!