Thursday, January 9

Fact is that I like to prove, that women in men sport world are great women and not just the shadow of their man. 
And I like to prove that they can actually really like each other and become great friends. 
I consider that in every club I was, there was a bunch of great, inspiring women and I still after some years past, keep in touch with them. 
At the moment we are located in Rennes (Cesson), where we spent the last two years and where I enjoy the company of great women. They are so special to me that I wanted you to meet them, and read how they see this our lifestyle and how they feel about friendship between wives of the players. 

Wednesday, November 27

Hi everybody, for this once it's not your host who's writting this text, it's her boyfriend! I took the freedom to write this text without her knowing it. I have some things to say to her, and since this blog is a good place to tell her what I have to say I'll do it here.
It will be soon 5 years that we are together, and I'm an happy men, espacilly since I know her. A few months ago she gave me one reason more to live,  (the best one) a beautiful son.
I found in her my soulmate, my best friend, THE person I want to be with for whole my life.
Thank God he put her on my path!
After all these years of happiness, Joy, Love, and now a mini Me, it was normal for me to come to this point where I have to ask her THE question: will you spend the rest of your life with me. (It sounds quiet long, yes!)

I hope she'll say: YES!!

I count on her to tell you the rest of the story.

Thank for reading. 

Sunday, November 24

Wearing: Zara Dress / Zara Shoes / Mango Jacket / Zara Neckless / Karl Lagerfeld Watch