Wednesday, November 27

Hi everybody, for this once it's not your host who's writting this text, it's her boyfriend! I took the freedom to write this text without her knowing it. I have some things to say to her, and since this blog is a good place to tell her what I have to say I'll do it here.
It will be soon 5 years that we are together, and I'm an happy men, espacilly since I know her. A few months ago she gave me one reason more to live,  (the best one) a beautiful son.
I found in her my soulmate, my best friend, THE person I want to be with for whole my life.
Thank God he put her on my path!
After all these years of happiness, Joy, Love, and now a mini Me, it was normal for me to come to this point where I have to ask her THE question: will you spend the rest of your life with me. (It sounds quiet long, yes!)

I hope she'll say: YES!!

I count on her to tell you the rest of the story.

Thank for reading. 


  1. OMG so cute, hope she´ll say yes! :)) you dont know me,but reading this made a big smile on my face!

  2. Kolk lepo, se jst mam solzne ucke, kaj jih ne bo mela ona :)) Cestitke!

  3. Juuuuuuj, kako lepo.. Čestitke vama.! Mislim, da druga kot YES, sploh ne bo mogla izustit. Tudi jaz sem dobila solzne očke...

  4. Zelo lepo! Čestitke ;)

  5. Awww that's super sweet! I'm sure she'll say yes! Can't wait to read the story from her point once she does! :)

  6. aaa... goose bumps attack :D Čestitke se z moje strani, tebi Igor pa velik plus za izvirnost ;)

  7. aAAAAAAAA...... congrats! cestitke!