Saturday, October 13

Dear friends,

I decided to stop blogging.. At this very moment I don't know if this is permanent decision or I will come back after a while. 
I had a lot of fun with this blog and have some really great experience captured on my camera, shared in the world through this little corner of mine. 
I appreciate all the comments I got - good and bad ones.. good ones make it all worth it and the bad ones - well, I guess they will make me a stronger, better person.
At the moment I am "frozen"... I don't find the right motivation to do it anymore, my creative side is frozen and I am just not sure if I am prepared to deal with everything what comes with putting yourself  out there publicly like we bloggers do.
I feel like I am  so much more than I showed you here, that I can offer much more, but not at this moment... I have high standards for everything in my life and if I think what I do is not my best, then it's the moment to stop. To rethink.
I hope you understand and I hope you know that I appreciate each one of you... we had so much fun! 

Saturday, October 6


Popolnoma utrujena po celodnevnem nakupovalno-sprehajajocem se dnevu... pa vendar cisto navdusena nad danasnjim vecerom z mojimi francoskimi gospodicnami, v nacrtu imamo namrec eno kul stvar! Vas zanima kaj? Obljubim, da boste kmalu videli in vedeli vse...
P.s. Na sliki lahko vidite moj novi pulovercek - ljubezen na prvi pogled (na blagajni mi ga je skoraj "ukradla" ena punca, ker je bil zadnji v trgovini, hehee)

After all day shop'n'walkin in the rain, I feel very tired... but still excited enough about the thing that me and my french ladies will do tonight! Just can't wait! Wanna know what? You, will see it very soon I promise! 
P.s.: I am wearing my new sweater - just felt in love with it!


Monday, September 24


Do you wear a cap?
My boyfriend is a big fan of caps and beside his always crazy colorful shoes, caps became his 'trademark' ... and since already everybody wear them in all possible combination (like me in this old post here) we - Tyson and me, wore it too. Lol.
... anyway I have a feeling that you saw me in really different styles this last month and that I really try to figure it out what suits me beside my dearest leather, glitter, white/black/grey stuff and I think I am slowly improving my style and adding it some new devision... well, but not this time. 
This time I wore something what is totally my style and so familiar to me - almost perfect one - in perfect combination I would wear long, white plated cardigan but I don't have one - yet!
So, here it is an 'old version of me'... but I promise you I will show you soon some new style inspiration I prepared for this cold days that are coming..

Friday, September 21


Don't. Move. Stay right... where you are!
I have a good news for you: I love you my dear readers... but you already know that, right?!
I am extraordinary excited and so happy to announced that I was interviewed for a Serbien Wannabe Magazine, where I talk about my blog. If you understand Serbien, you can have a look HERE...
If you don't understand Serbien - just be happy with me! ;)
Let's talk about todays outfit... I bought this leo print dress two seasons ago and never wear it at all... I think this was my biggest shopping mistake. So today I have challenged myself and try to give it a last chance to like it before I give it away to someone else, that will appreciate it more. 
You can see the end result on the photos... and me, I am still not sure if I actually like it!
... Hat? Well, I don't wear this hat often, because let's admit there is not a lot of occasion that are proper for this kind of hat (especially not with the sport guy in a very sport outfit) but I love it!

Tuesday, September 18


Happy Hippies, Hello!
We get invitation for the grill party from one of Igor's team mates and this is what I was wearing for this occasion... 
We had lots of fun with the team and all the wags with their families and I loved the weather that day - it was so hot, I almost forgot that summer is saying goodbye.
About outfit I chose: I feel like chameleon this last days/weeks and I am willing to try different styles, choose different colors and materials.. I am wearing accessories that I wouldn't before - like this hair band and just try different things that work for me... of course I love black, white and grey and of course I adore leather, sparkles and simple style but I feel like that is just not enough, that I want more... that I need some changes, that I need to recreate my personal fashion taste - so I guess all this different outfits are just the result of experimenting. 

Monday, September 3


My dear Ladies,

I just wanted to show you what I wore for a dinner a day ago.. we had a dinner with the wags from our new club (Cesson Rennes Metropole) - just to get to know each other before the season begins and to have some fun together.
I thought it will be a bit difficult for me since I am the only "not French" here and because I don't speak this crazy sounding language BUT I was so positively surprised - all the girls tried so much to speak english with me and I felt really warmly welcomed. Such a great surprise and such a lovely evening.
I didn't want to look to pushy just for the first time so I left my camera at home... so this photos are taken today in a city park.. not the best place for high heels... but who cares!
 I wear high heels and have high hopes! Hehehe!

I get inspiration for this outfit at Versace's Studded Dress that looks so fabulous!

Dress / Zara Basic (old collection)
Belt / Zara (new collection)
Heels/ Humanic
Bag / Gina Tricot
Sun Glasses / Ray Ban