Monday, September 10


Another runaway, another great city in Brittany...

After the match, boys had two days off so we decided we want to run away, enjoy the last summer days and hot temperature and have fun (who don't want to have fun, anyway?!)
Since we moved to region in France that is called Brittany we want to really discover every little beauty of it. We already visit Saint Malo, Mont Saint Michel, Cancales, so this time was time for Dinan. 
I loved it, of course! I don't know what make me feel so great that day - maybe the colorful city, great company, delicious food, lots of sun or just all together? Most probably!
The city is worth to see and if you are a photography maniac like me, you will benefit from visiting it.  

I had super luck and I catch some really cool moments on my camera... from beautiful buildings and city puls, to my great crew (Igor, Elise, Yann and Sara)... from cats that were posing to me, to the 'royallookinglike' wedding. 
I am more than sure that all my fashionista readers will enjoy in all this photos of fabulous hats, that this charming ladies were wearing.
There is also awesome dog that was posing to me as well and my Jeremy Scott, wings sneakers that someone on the street compare to the Asterix, lol.
We finished our trip with a late lunch and the most typical/famous food for Brittany - galettes! 
Of course we had to spiced up our meal with great pancakes or in France called - Crepes.

My photo of the day? 
Definitely the old couple, walking hand in hand, granny wearing had with little red accessorie attached to it.   

... and now it's time for you to speak, comment!


  1. Ful dobre fotke pa ušeč mi je kak si superge s krilom skombinirala :)) xx

  2. even from pictures we can see you all had an amazing day............ I love your t-shirt

  3. toop majčka! Pa lepe fotke se vm kr pridružla tkole k gledam slikce :))


  4. spet krasne fotke, in res noro všeč kombinacija krila s supergami! aj lajk!! =)

  5. Patike su divne! Drugarica i ja smo ih tražile ovde po prodavnicama prošlog proleća, ali naravno nikad nisu stigle. Super su! Zavidim! XD

  6. Looks great!

  7. Da ne kompliciram: WOW!! Od početka pa do kraja.
    Pusa Asterixu. ;)

  8. Ful lušne slikce & res hude supergice!

  9. zadnja slika je super smešna :P Pa klobučki, ob pravem trenutku na pravem mestu (:

  10. super fotke :) superge <3 hocem-jalous much ;)

    xo I.