Tuesday, September 11


What did you do yesterday? 

This post is kinda short version of my Monday: being in the city with Claire (one of my new French friends) in the morning, having fun with her and making some girlish duck faces with  tiaras on the top of our heads (we wear the invisible ones all the time anyway - tiaras not heads... don't worry we are not two headed or something).
After we checked our 'to do' things, we get us some energy boosting juices and do some window shopping... we didn't really had a lot of time since I was already booked for lunch. Booked, hahaha, sounds so funny.
Anyway, I had a lunch with my Igor and my new personal french teacher around 13 pm, so I had to hurry up back home, to change my shoes to look a little bit more serious and elegant for the restaurant where we went. 
I made a great deal with my new teacher and today I am actually starting my first lesson.
... and as you can see - we ate good also this time and yes, I admit: the dessert is mine!!

Now it's time for you to speak! What was your Monday like?  

Blazer / Zara
Top / Disney for BSK
Pants / Gina Tricot
Shoes / Bought in a Boutique in France
Bag / Zara
Bracelet / Kinky Rocker


  1. mmm, sladice zgledajo njami <3 luškan outfit pa upam da ti gre učenje ;) xx

  2. Great top and bag! You look lovely :)


  3. o njami, lačna sm ratala:) ej kaki pa so te čevlji za nosit? sm jih že gledala ene parkrat pa ne vem...

  4. Prelepa si!
    A u kom si to gradu u Francuskoj? Izgleda divno:)

  5. Sve jedan bolji post od drugoga, sve, sve je naj! Draga moja, prekrasna si, opet smile koji sve druga baca u prvi plan. ;) Sako i top odlični!
    Pozdrav iz ZeGea.

  6. AMAZING quality photos!!! You look beautiful, the cakes they look amazing and I can't wait to read more of this blog!:)

  7. Patike su fenomenalne, moje su slicne i obozavam ih!