Saturday, September 15


I don't do that on a regular basis but this time I have done exception - this post is dedicated to someone special - actually to three special ladies.

Dear Patofna,
  (that's her web pseudonym, I don't want to reveal her real name without her permission)
this smile on the photo is for you.
Thank you because you help sharing my blog photos and content, 
thank you - because of you more people know about my blog and more readers come to see it. 
And thank you because you are such a sweet person and the best blog follower every blogger would appreciate to have. 

Dear Mushei aka Marusa Marn,
thank you for supporting me from almost the very beginning of my blogging.
Thanks for all your comments that always make my day and thank you for becoming a really interesting virtual friend.

Dear Mihaela,
you have been really great supporter and always there to share my blog content with everybody you know.
Thanks for being such a great not just 'blog reader' but also kind of a friend who is there when you need a little extra kick in ass and some creative / brainstorming talk... thank you for being such a happy person and such a nice example of a wag.
It's nice to know you.

Girls, you rock and I am very happy to have you around! 
Love, A. 


  1. Patofna je jako srecna :)))
    Puno ti hvala na ovom divnom gestu i to sto je pracen jednom tvojom divnom slikom sa osmehom koji je upucen nama.
    Dokazala si da si divna i posebna.
    Obozavam te i tvoj blog :*

  2. :)) Kraljica! Uljepšala si mi dan i evo da i ja ovako ovdje kažem - i ja sam jako sretna što te znam!

    For those who still don't know well A., she is honest and strong person, very, very nice and positive, and as I said to her once really limited edition. I believe other people, when they are near her, want to be better persons as well. A., you are a great role model. Be proud of yourself every day.

    A kad ti opet zatreba taj extra kick ili razgovor ja sam uvijek tu. ;)

  3. oo hvala za tole, si me res presenetla :)) js bom vedno tvoj follower, ker si super oseba in tvoj blog je naravnost AWESOME ;) xxx