Thursday, September 13


This is what we do when the rain is outside... wearing some bright colors, comfy boots, and a big smile. 

I jump around, acting like a little kid who don't care to get wet and dirty... and Igor is the one that trying to make some cool photos for you my dear ones!
I guess you can see we had a lot of fun and I can tell you that I (and Igor even more) adore this spontaneous "photo shootings" for the blog, without thinking to much how will I look on photos, or if my hair are okey, if I wear cool stuff... this is actually just an outfit for going to grocery.
Hope you like this a bit more relaxed post and I hope you too - enjoy this rainy day.

Grey Top / H&M
Black Pullover / H&M
Pants / ASOS
Boots / bought in Germany
Smile Nr 7 / (Igor would said: "Made in Taiwan) 

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Xo, A.


  1. i love your blog!

    Čisto zmešan,a super fotke in obožujem ga. :)
    Všeč so mi hlače, krajzi fotke, gležnarji in tvoj nasmeh.

    xoxo, Nina

  2. Da me sad pitaš koji post mi je najdraži to je definitivno ovaj. :) Prekrasna! I super kombinacija, točno moj stil ... Slobodno daj više ovakvih fotosešna. ;)
    Pusa iz jednako tako kišnog Zagreba!

  3. kok si luškana! te spontane fotke so zmeri najboljše :) &hlače pa škorni so top <3

  4. if you want me to speak I'll speak { but I usually speak a lot ;)) }:
    I, personally adore rainy days, I think there isn't anything more relaxing and romantic and comfortably then this amazing rainy days
    These"relaxed" pictures highlight more your beauty, I like that you always smile

  5. Fantastic photos and I just love the color of your jeans! It's rainy too in Greece today, and even though I like rainy days from time to time, I'm not ready for fall just yet.