Monday, September 24


Do you wear a cap?
My boyfriend is a big fan of caps and beside his always crazy colorful shoes, caps became his 'trademark' ... and since already everybody wear them in all possible combination (like me in this old post here) we - Tyson and me, wore it too. Lol.
... anyway I have a feeling that you saw me in really different styles this last month and that I really try to figure it out what suits me beside my dearest leather, glitter, white/black/grey stuff and I think I am slowly improving my style and adding it some new devision... well, but not this time. 
This time I wore something what is totally my style and so familiar to me - almost perfect one - in perfect combination I would wear long, white plated cardigan but I don't have one - yet!
So, here it is an 'old version of me'... but I promise you I will show you soon some new style inspiration I prepared for this cold days that are coming..

So, what do you think? 
Did you already meet my lovely frenchie Tyson? The sweetest little thing in my life? And another sweetest boy in my life - my boo Igor? I just wanted to share with you, this photos of us

Don't go away... I mean you can. You already did a lot for me, staying so long. But... I think it's time for you to speak! So just comment!

Jacket / Vero Moda
Top / Gifted
Fur Vest / Gifted (but I think it's from C&A)
Leggings / H&M
Bag / Zara
Boots / UGG®

P.s. This photos are from our weekend's runaway - I will show you more photos of the city in the next post! Until then - kisses guapas! 


  1. Great vest and boots! Little doggie looks so cute :)

  2. js bi tud mela frenchija :P superkjut je! Slikce so zlo lepe in tvoj outfit spet po mojem okusu ;) xx

  3. Jooj kok je dobr kuža s kapo! :)

  4. ♥♥
    Almost perfect one to you, the perfect one to me. ;)

  5. Ko sem videla sneak peek sem mislila, da ta tvoj outfit, ne bo po mojem okusu zaradi fur vest-a, ampak si neverjetno dobro skombinirala in i je zelo všeč (:

  6. Kacket je fenomenalan. Ja ih obozavam i u sportskoj varijanti i u nekim malo neobicnijim kombinacijama.

  7. Cool look, love the fur :)

  8. všeč mi je :) ful si lepa v kapi <3