Tuesday, September 25


I promised you some photos of our's weekend runaway... so, here they are. 
Igor and I visit his brother who's living in Chartres, where he also plays as a professional handball player.
We didn't hang around a lot, we were too lazy, too tired and we just want to have fun together no matter if we were just in the apartment... but we anyway make it to the Chartres most famous church, called Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, known as the finest gothic cathedral in France. 
It is really something special as you can see from the photos I posted.
Hope you like it!
Kisses, A. 


  1. Wow this is so cute, and the blog is really fresh! I like your taste, it is similar to mine,check out my blog !

  2. tko angleška deluje :) lepe fotke! <3

  3. woow, obožujem to arhitekturo in v to cerkev bi lahko gledala ure in ure (:

  4. Vse skupaj zgleda dost veličastno, big like! :) xx