Saturday, September 1


It was friday and boys were out of town (another match on the schedule). Beautiful, last days of summer, people running around to catch the last feelings of hot sun and to charge their batteries before fall comes and brings all those obligations and rain, here in Brittany a loot of rain...
I knew I just want to go out of the apartment, eat something good, hang around with my new french friends.. and yes, to do a little bit shopping too.
And if we already talk about shopping why wouldn't I share with you some of my shopping secrets...

I don't know for you but I was one of those that - as much money I would have in my wallet, that much I would spend it... and then I would come home and see that I didn't always take smart shopper decisions and that I bought a lot of times things that were just laying around in the closet... 
when I would want to go out and try to figure out the outfit I would see that I have a lot of pieces but nothing goes together, or when I would want to go just one coffee I would see that I don't have basic pieces but just pieces for going out on a Saturday night.. I didn't have right accessories for right combinations.. I was just buying things I liked in a shop but never really thought what will I do with them.

First problem was that I spend lots of money but wasn't really satisfied with what I had in the closet and
second problem was that I didn't took time to figure it out what my style really was.
 I would just buy trendy pieces - what in the end meant that I have to buy lots and lots of clothes every new season when trends changed. Full closet of clothes that were practically worn just for a season until trends changes. What a stupid thing!

I knew I was doing something wrong and I knew that it's just stupid way of shopping.
So what did I do?
First I tried to figure it out my style... 
I open Elle web site and went through all the designers bases and their collection. I would than figure it out which designers I like - what is my style, how it looks like.
When I once figure it out which designers make pieces in my style I would every season look what were there collection like - what were basic pieces, which colors, which motives.. and I would than make a map on computer with inspiration photos (F.e.: Fall/Winter 2012/2013 inspiration photos) and a list with a pieces I would like to have.
And because I just can't (yet) fill my closet with just designer pieces I would than go through my favourite shops (Zara, Asos, Nelly, Gina Tricot, Top shop, ...) and search for a similar pieces and compare quality, look, prices...
This way I would know every time when I go in shopping what exactly I was searching and what I need and like. I would easily make combinations, I would know which basic pieces I already have at home and how to complete them. 
Oh how much money I spend and invest in more quality pieces!
And never happened that I didn't know what to do with particular pieces that I bought...
Another small tip when you are shopping:
 Phone... phone? Yes, phone! Why? Because you don't want anymore to bring home things that you then never wear.
You don't want to spend money for the things that you are not sure that are your style but because are trendy buying them. 
It's not the question of money, it's the question of being smart shopper.
Before if I liked something in one shop I would bought it and than I would go to another shop and saw something even better and felt sorry why I bought that one piece in previous shop.
If you live in a big city you have sometimes feeling that you forget where all you have been in shops or where you saw something... or maybe you think you don't have time (or nerves) to go around all shops and just buy the first thing you like.
Now, I go to the shop - I try things I like and take photo with the phone - I take photo of me wearing thing and I take photo of the label (so, I know the price and the shop where I try this one thing).
Then sometimes I buy them in the same day and sometimes I go home and think at home if it's smart to buy this particular piece.

Jeans / Dolce & Gabbana
Shirt / Gina Tricot
Scarf / Gina Tricot
Bag / Zara
Shoes / (bought in a French Boutique) 
Bracelet: H&M


  1. Jedan od najboljih postova, super mi je kad izađeš iz "zadanih okvira". ;) Eh, kao da si mene opisivala, i ja sam prije tako kupovala, ono što mi se sviđa ili je in ne razmišljajući hoće li se uopće uklopiti u ono što već imam. Srećom i ja sam došla pameti.

    Nego, mislim si da ću ovaj tvoj post linkati na svoj koji sam obećala (ako ti ne smeta), jer neke od onih "spasiti ili ne" krpica baš su i kupljenje brzopleto i teško ih usklađujem s ostalim stvarima.

  2. superca. jaz grem najrajši bolj zgodaj, če sem že tako ali tako v ljublnai med tednom pa sploh. ker takrat še ni gužve.:) drugače pa ja pogledam kaj rabim. samo če preveč razmišljam točno kaj hočem potem tega nikoli ne najdem :)