Friday, August 31


My dear blog friends,

yesterday wasn't really my day - everything went wrong: first I wake up with my bottom lip swollen (still don't know exactly why) than I almost burned our lunch, an egg slipped out of my hands, my hair were horrible, ... small things but really annoying ones!
I wanted to post this outfit that I actually really like at home in front of the mirror but not so much one the photos and this hairstyle is just not for me (not for my big forehead) - I wasn't really satisfied neither with the way that my body looks in this clothes and the way my boyfriend took photos of me... I was wondering why I was so grumpy and so complicated, unsatisfied with everything - and than just out of nowhere it blows my mind - it's PMS time. I know that I don't have to write more.. that you understand me! Hope tomorrow will be a better day - have a dinner with girls from the new club so hopes it will be fun!

What do you think? 

Love you all a lot! 

Blouse / H&M (old)
Skirt / Zara Basic
Heels / Non Branded
Clutch Bag / Gina Tricot
Watch / Guess
Bracelet / Kinky Rocker



  1. I think that the photos are very pretty, I hope that have a better day today!

  2. Mnogo mi se svidja kombinacija,divna je! Cipele su sjajne! :)

  3. Kok si lepa <3
    Tale outfitek ti noro dobro paše <3

  4. Eh taj PMS. ;D Draga moja, jel ima išta što tebi ne stoji? :)) Suknja mi je super, već se dugo nagovaram na tako nešto, ali ne znam, uvijek imam dojam da bi mi u toj dužini noge izgledale kratko. Sad kada vidim na tebi, morat ću i ja probati. Cipele su mrak!! A predzadnja fotka pet plus!
    I da, sviđa mi se izbor laka da malo razbije ovu sivo-crnu kombinaciju.


  5. upam da maš dans boljši dan ;) slike so pa lepe in tud outfit ti noro paše <3

  6. lepa ura! in seveda tudi celoten look :)

  7. lepa ura! in seveda cloten look :)

  8. Awesome Skirt! I love it... <3

  9. všečno :)

    sploh majčka.

    xoxo, Nina

  10. Frizurca prov paše k tej pentljici :D Lepa!

  11. Love your blog!

  12. huuuda siii decvaaa