Friday, August 17



so here is the thing with Saint Malo - I saw it just few days after seeing Mont Saint Michel and I knew it will be hard to be so impressed again, so I was right: I wasn't impressed (well, at least not as I was while seeing the beauties of MSM. 
Igor actually couldn't believe it when I said "it's nothing special" but so it was. 
Another lovely city by the sea, another sandy beaches, another seaside streets... I am not pretty sure was it my bad mood involved with not getting so connected to Saint Malo or it's simply just not my cup of tea? 
Whatever,  I will for sure give it a second chance to prove it to me why is it so famous and that I was wrong.... 
....if nothing else (but there is more than just that) the best ice cream with nutella (you actually get the nutella in your cornet and then ice cream and on the top of ice cream again nutella - which starts to become really crispy... mmm) make worth it to come back!

Did you ever being in Saint Malo? What are your experience with this city of France?


  1. Tvoje fotke pa vedno s takim užitkom pregledam :)) Sladoled je pa zelo dobr izgovor da se vrneta ;)


  2. Krasne fotke. Res, prav uživala sme ob ogledu slikc. Amazing in vidi se, da sta uživala.

    xoxo, Nina

  3. Zgleda ful simpaticno mestece in fotke so res ful lepe! :)

  4. Slikce pa tko hude delaš, da bi še smetišče pomoje ful dobr zgledalo, če bi ga šla fotkat :)
    Prelepo in sladoled zgleda .. ufff .. pregrešno :)

  5. po teh fotkah me prou prime da bi se šla kam potepat al pa spet mal na dopust :P pa sladoled zgleda omnomnom :D xx

  6. yuumy, mene tud impresionira sladoled na zgornji fotki :D xx

  7. Tudi jaz sem cisto navdusena nad fotkami! Cudovit post! :)

  8. this blog is too cool. let's follow each other! xx

  9. Amazing photos! Love the dress :)
    Stop by sometimes and if you like
    follow me, I'll definitely follow back :)

  10. Ovdje ću potpisati sve gore rečeno. :) Super fotke, fenomenalna ti i jako primamljiv sladoled. :D
    Pozdrav iz već sada vruće HR.