Saturday, August 25


"... She doesn’t wonder, she makes it look so easy. 
She walks into a party and unhesitatingly initiates an introduction to a stranger. 
She exudes confidence and style. She dazzles you with her humor and accessibility.
 She looks like a million bucks even in a downpour. And she keep smiling… She is fabulous.
You know she is fabulous when you see her. 
It’s a thunderbolt – a moment so seismic we feel as if we’ve been lifted off the ground. 
She loom large in your mind, her high spirit brings the oxygen back into the room, her playful nature inspire you to have more fun, she can wind a few strands of apparent junk around her neck and still looks mind-bogglingly stunning – she is unforgettable. 
(And don’t think she don’t know it, either)..."

This photos are from few days ago, 
made just for you - best readers anyone can have,
to show you what I wore for a dinner in Rennes.
We didn't really go out for my birthday since I. was not at home at that time, so we decided to do it a few days ago. We went to really lovely restaurant called 'iforgethow' (sorry) and had such a great evening together. 
We talk a lot about each other, about our future plans and stuff like that. I don't know if I ever told you but I enjoy so much talking to him... he impress me again and again with his state of mind, with his intelligence and I feel I can really talk with him about anything - from ordinary stuff to neuroplasticity (don't even ask - but yes I do read books about that too ;) strange I know
It feels so good to know that we have so much in common.

I bought this red dress the other day in Zara and I feel so good in it. I don't know what do you think how it suits me but it makes me feel confident and sexy... exactly what every girl need. 

Dress / Zara
Shoes / Mango
Bag / Mango
Accessories / H&M


  1. Bila bi srečna, če bi te lahko gledala vsak dan v živo, zelo si lepa!

  2. uu sexy! Tale rdeča oblekca je top, noro dobr zgledaš v njej..true diva walking down the street ;)


  3. Wau..zelo lepa obleka..črn puncam ful paše rdeč ya.rijana

  4. Wau,anjek moj zelo lepa oblekca..črna si pa ti še bolj paš rijana

  5. beautiful!!

    xx Daniela and Ines

  6. o lepotička, super zgleda tole! :)

  7. woooooooow say what!? Kok pa lepa! Čudovita res- je rdeča definitivno tvoja barva ;) xx

  8. Se popolnima strinjam z Majo, rdeca je definitivno tvoja barva! Oblekca ti noro dobro pase! Sooo hot! :D
    P.S. Hvala za tako lep komentar na blogcu ;)

  9. wow!!! you're beautiful!!!
    i love the dress ^^


  10. Sve si iz ovih redaka s početka posta i još mnogo više, divna! :) Crvena ti odlično stoji, pun pogodak!

  11. k ena diva si, res top! <3 ful lepa oblekca in rdeča ti zelo paše :) xx

  12. zlo sik, zlo french! You look beautiful!