Monday, August 27


Dear dolls,
I decided to make a post with weekly news I want to share with you 
(and if you will like them, they maybe become regular here on my blog).

100.000,00 Page Views 
First of all I want to share with you really awesome fact: we reached 100.000,00 pageviews in our first 289 days. 
I think this is pretty awesome number for someone who is totally unknown and doesn't have (yet) any PR/press background. All that wouldn't be possible without you. Honestly, you are the reason why I make all this and you are the reason why I want to be better and better.
This blog gives me so much pleasure - I can publish photos which I love so much to take, I can share with you my fashion taste and write about my wag life (columns will be back I promise).
I am so excited when I see how much visits I have every day and even more excited to read your comments.
You make my free time even more interesting!

Hvala Srbija, Merci France!
The other thing is that I have in last days a big support from Serbia and France and I want to really thank all my readers from this two lovely countries.

Future Plans for Blog and Wag Tag
I have been thinking a lot about my future plans for this blog. It takes some precious time to update it, so I was thinking if I already spend this time for blogging, why wouldn't I take it on a next level? I would like to add some new themes to become more lifestyle blog not just fashion or travel one. And I would like that this new themes somehow have a wag tag. I would like to show you a lifestyle of one wag and to share with you some news about other wags, too.
There is a stereotype out there, that wags are women, which depend on their partners, so financially as emotionally, living in their shadows.
Reality is of course totally different; wags are independent women, with beautiful personalities, talents, skills, passions and interest’s that deserve to shine. 
Today I want to give you a link to two awesome blogs of two awesome Slovenian wags - which beautiful personalities, talents, skills, passions and interest's deserve to shine:
Masa Pozar founder of STYLE LEMON
Polona Kosir founder of BABY JUNGLE

My Favorite Slovenian Fashion Blogs
Once you have your own blog, you start taking sneak peeks of other blogs too - just to get some connections, to learn something from them or just to get inspired (I always like to see new web design ideas that bloggers have).
And since I have many Slovenian readers and since I am (proud) Slovenian, always supporting our blogers I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fashion bloggers from our lovely country:

9. EVA

P.s.: Next time I will write about my favorite Serbian bloggers. 

What's happening in Rennes 
I have two new friends in Rennes and they are pretty cool (we already discuss our PMS troubles, had a pizza together and make some window shopping, great friends I would say! ;)
One of them is a wag and she introduced me to a great bio food! She is kinda "expert" for healthy (French) food (and for sport law, smart girl!!), so she drove me to the farm where we can actually pick the vegetable and fruits by ourself... it's so cool! to go outside there and pick strawberries, raspberries, paprika, salad, apples,... they smell awesome and you really see that is the best quality food you can get! I am totally obsessed with healthy food at the moment. Total foodporn!
The other one is lovely redhead (I adore redheads) with perfect english knowledge (hard to find in France), former ice skating girl with which we share same passion - passion for photography. She is the author of photo above and she'll become my blog assistant - photographer ;) 
Happy to know them and hope I will meet a lot of other cool girls here in France like they are!

So, how do you like my weekly news? Do you want them to become regular on my blog?
I want to read some feedback on my news, I want you to share your opinion with me on this topics!
You are very appreciated here and your time is very valuable to me!

Xo. Ania


  1. Najprej cestitke za 100.000,00 ogledov!! Samo tako naprej! Full mi je vsec tvoj blog, nacin kako pises in tvoje fotografije.. ohh cudovite so!
    Zdaj pa se full full hvala ker sem se znasla na tvoji listi 'fav Slo blogs'! Si mi polepsala dan! ;)

  2. So glad to have found another Slovenian blogger! I am obsessed with Slovenia (weird I know!) but I think you live in probably the most perfect place!

  3. Čestitke tudi z moje strani za 100.000 go girl!!
    Obožujem tvoje poste o potovanjih. Tudi jaz prihajam iz Zasavja in najbrž mi dobro dene, da vidim da se tudi v svet da pridit:)
    Super je, da si objavila bloge, ki jih spremljaš. Nisem vedala, da ima Anela tudi svojega..

  4. Čestitke.! To je res veliko (: tudi meni je všeč tvoj blog. Saj vidiš, da se vračam vedno znova :P

  5. Bravo, čestitam! Sad još novih toliko do početka iduće godine. ;) Ovo je post po mom ukusu, ali već sve znaš što i kako ja mislim. Baš je krasno pročitati ove novosti, za nova prijateljstva, ali i da će uskoro nova wag kolumna. ;) Draga moja, uživaj svakim danom sve više! Fotka je odlična, baš kao model. :))


  6. <3 we love your blog!! pa hvala bejb*

  7. Iii kaka luštn nasmeh, direkt za v reklamo :) Vse čestitke, tok obiska v tok kratke času je res dosežek- si lah ponosna nase da nardiš bralcem blog tok zanimiv da se vedno znova vračajo :) Pa hvala ;):) xx

  8. Čestitke za 100.000 ogledov! Je lepo vidit fellow Trboveljčanko, ki ji gre tok dobr! :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  9. Wau cestitke, tole je res super in pohvalno, kar tako naprej :)) tudi jaz zelo rada prebiram tvojega, super so fotke s potovanj in outfiti :) Hvala ;)***

  10. lepo po vrsti, da kaj ne pozabim ;)
    super slikca in krasen nasmeh. se vidi, da si srecna, zaljubljena in da uzivas v tem kar delas :)
    cestitke za 100.000 ogledov, stevilka je zasluzena ;)
    in najlepsa hvala, da sodim med tvoje fav slo blogerje, you made my day doll! :***

  11. ČESTITKE! zelo lepo ti uspeva in ti privoščim! še naprej te bom radevolje spremljala :)