Tuesday, August 21


If you cant change circumstances, change your feelings

I hear them sayin' if you can't change the circumstances, change your feelings... to be happy again.
I can't change our lifestyle in the way that everything would be just as I wish, including stop moving all the time... You know, I am the kind of person who like to have her daily routines - to drink coffee in her favorite cafeteria, to eat in favorite restaurants where people already know me, to walk down the street and smile to people I know, to have small talks with my neighbors, having my best spots in the city, nicest girls in favorite shops, hanging with people that I really like and having much fun with them. 
When you move - you change circumstances... everything change. You start all over again and yes, why to hide - it can be very frustrating... your feelings change.
So, if I can't change circumstances (which I honestly don't want, I have a lifetime with my babyboy), I guess I can change my feelings to be happy again. 
But how do you change your feelings? I believe it all starts with small thought, and after some time lots of thoughts change our feelings - in good or bad way (did you know that there is no just placebo effect but also nocebo? which is creation of you negative thoughts...). 
Anyway I decided to (as always) start searching for a positive facts about the whole situation, thinking positive (bleah, this word is so 90') empowering thoughts and got so much internal motivation, so many good reasons why it will work for me. 

I remained myself again that five years from now, no matter what, I will be the same person (guess with some extra wrinkles) except for the places I've visit, people I've met and the books I've read... and this weekend I met some wonderful people, having fun with them on the stunning beach near to Cancale, France. 

Igor had a day off so we decide to seek some last summer sun at the beach with his two, new team players Yann and Jeremy and their girlfriends Elise and Solenn... and oh, I almost forget with lovely labrador Monti. 

Here are some of the photos... hope you will enjoy them and maybe someday run with the dog (or boyfriend, your choice) on this sandy beaches as I did. 


P.s.: You better like it because you will get part II of Cancale - our hanging after beach time :p



  1. slike so waw waw waw! se še bol zavedam kok pogrešam morje,ah.. pozdravčki, xx

  2. waw kera krasna plaža!!

    in veš, super si napisala! se strinjam stabo in obenem vem kako se počutiš. Amapk po drugi strani si pa lahko tako ponosna nase in na fanta da take življenske izkušnje tako dobro furata! =)
    LP =)

  3. Ti si carica! Jesam ti rekla koliko volim tu tvoju iskrenost? Ali još više snagu da na sve gledaš pozitivno. Baš si prava inspiracija! :*
    Fotke kao i obično super, iako meni kao sol na ranu u ovom pakleno vrućem tjednu, a zatvorena u uredu.
    Kiss draga!

  4. Lep je blog, slike su super. Svidja mi se tvoj stil.

    A sto si nasminkana na plazi ?