Friday, November 8



Last week I had my family on visit.
We didn't see each other for ten long months (thanks god for Skype!) so you can imagine how much we had missed each other.
They finally came to visit us in France and I couldn't be more happy. They met my little prince for the first time in live and just from the very first second felt in love with him.
Not just the fact that they came was making me enormously happy, but also the fact that if they wouldn't, I would be totally alone for one week with Zack (and Tyson, ofc) because Igor went in Norway with the French national team to play the Golden league.
So, just everything was well planed and we have a lot of fun all together. We talked, we smiled, we ate (yes, still no success with my diet) and we visited some cool places, here around Bretagne.
I tried to do everything so they would have interesting holidays in France but in the end I figure it out that for them it was just really important to be with Zack and me, no matter what we were doing or where we were (but yes McDonald did the trick for Klemen and shopping for Eva, lol)
Living abroad, this sport lifestyle when everything changes so fast, sometimes in just few days, what matters the most is your family and you realize that they are the most important thing in your life and that they will always find a way to stand by your side!

Yes, family matters.

Thanks guys for being my wonderful, crazy family.

Do you think family matters?

Are your bonds with your family strong or you are just not that attached to them?
Do you take time for them in this busy world we live in?


  1. Beautiful Family. Wish all good to you ;) Family is still the most natural and important thing in this modern world!

  2. Zack pa zelo lepo pozira in ta kraj je prav čudovit, kakšna plaža. Wow.!

  3. Ooo, kako lepo :) res je moglo bit nepozno, da so te vsi obiskali v Franciji :)