Thursday, November 14

 Taking in to account that half of our team girls became mothers this year, from time to time we need meetings like this. To run away from our little precious babies and our big precious babies (did I write that?! Ups, I mean from our boyfriends/hubbies). Not that we don't love spending time with them, because we do, each and every one of us is a good mommy in her own way but to recharge our batteries and get an extra positive women power will we need our girls chats, our girls smiling sessions and our gossiping about ... oh just everything, I guess.

We met in the restaurant in downtown Rennes which is decorated in original "good old times" way, called Amour de Pomme de Terre. We had "our" floor, so we could laugh like crazy and nobody would care, and we did - smiled like crazy.
Accept smiling, talking, eating (and occasional checking of the phone - in case of "daddy's #babyiscryingcomehome  emergency call") there wasn't room for anything else.

It was so fast midnight that we couldn't believe it and we run every girl in her own way back home to babies or hubbies.

Thanks girls for this great evening, I am once again so happy to have all of you as my "club team friends", you really are the best and we spent such a funny moments together!


  1. Girls are really the best. But I don't know this how many girls are from Croatia. :)

  2. we all adore our girls night out............ and I think even our "big boys" secretly are very happy to spend some time with our babies but without us #moms