Monday, November 11

Off course I did it! I started with the change in my kitchen... hopefully I am gonna step in 2014 fitter then ever, lol.

No, but seriously it all started with the shopping food today (I order it online and than we just pick it up, it such a waste of time going for the grocery + it's so seducing walking through the shop full of goodies).
I bought just healthy products (and just one chocolate with 70% of cacao!) because I believe that if we have a junk food at home we will eat it and if we don't, we won't! Simple as that... Yes, it's true it's embarrassing if we get unannounced visit and all we have to offer is water (or home made orange juice), lots of fruits and some nuts but nobody do that this days anyway - coming unannounced!

So, I bought lots of fruits, lots of vegetable, some whole-grain products and lots of tun fish, salmon and chicken.

I managed to eat healthy all day and I am proud of it (because there were moments when I was starving+very tired and it would be easier just to eat something stupid (but, what we fortunately didn't have at home) than preparing a healthy snack).
What I ate today?
For breakfast I ate a slice of whole-grained bread + slice of chicken breast + vegetable. For lunch we ate backed salmon + vegetable (green beans) and for dinner a salad that you can see up on the photo.

Since I had a C-section I am still not allowed to exercise, so I am trying to walk with Zack but this rainy weather is just not our best friend!

This is a short description of a change that is starting to happening in my kitchen.
I am not sure if you are interested in it or not? If you want that we discuss about your and my ideas of a healthy losing weight and healthy lifestyle, please let me know and I will post more about it. I am super motivated and I need you buddies to be with me on that one!

How do you do it?! Managing to be healthy and fit?


  1. Bravo Anja, kar tako z veseljem spremljala tvoje objave, ker se tudi jaz trudim zdravo prehranjevati in izgubiti kg. :)

    Xoxo, Mojca *

  2. Thank god I do not have weight problems. Today I was checking my weight and it tells me that I have to eat more. Anyway it will happen because I expect some foreign visits who like to eat.... I like your blog so much and also the stories therein. Just keep on gooing. XXX Uschi

  3. Ja definitivno nas zanimajo objave o zdravi hrani;) vsec mi naslov, ponavad mamice k smo doma jemo (tudi) od dolgcasa/pomankanja energije....

  4. I control eating and exercise.Will you like to follow each other on GFC and Twitter? xoxo
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