Wednesday, December 11

Many of you know which step happened in our relationship the other day.. Well, it wasn't just "the other day" it was 27th of November, one of the dates that I will always remembered. 

We are the girls (if there is any boy reading this, hello to you too!) and we girls always want to know how it happened... And what kind of ring he bought! 

Well, I (like I guess you did) read the text that Igor wrote on the blog... I was so touched... Because of  all the beautiful things that he wrote and of course because of the fact that he wants to marry me! 
Of course, I knew he wants me to be his wife but it sounds sooo damn good when he actually said it out loud! 
And, yes I did cry... 
...And then there was a dinner in my favorite restaurant and me finally realizing why he didn't (despite my insisting) wanted our friends to join us... And his arguing with me when I (because of my dieting) didn't want to order dessert.. His nervously every 2 seconds looks in the waitress directions revealed his intentions... That it's gonna happened right now! 
The waitress came and brought me my dessert with the little black box on the plate.. She said that it's the first time for the restaurant and offered us a champagne in the name of the stuff... We both had red chicks and I guess if I hadn't ears I would smile all over my head.. The next table guests were looking at us...
He asked and I said yes! 

Butterflies in stomach (or was that just because of too much moelleux au chocolate, I am not sure) make me feel like teenager again, like a little girl who finally got her day when she can dream about being a princess in her big, white dress. 
Pure pleasure of having the best man, the best daddy for my son, the one who I love with all my heart, becoming my fiancé. 

Now, I don't know what is making me more nervous the organization of our wedding or the fact that Igor with his great writing skills which attract more then 3000 page views in few hours, can steal my position on this  blog! 

But whatever, now I got my ring on it and I can as it happens to be the best just start with the guests list and dress choosing! ...and Igor can continue with the blogging, or?!


  1. Congratulations!!! Wish you the best!
    Don't worry, everything is gonna be larigot for the wedding ;)

    Have à good day!

  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The ring is beautiful :)

  3. Lepa zaročna zgodba :) Čestitke!

  4. congrats and may you have a life full of joy and happiness together

  5. congrats and may you have a life full of joy and happiness together

  6. so sweet!! I wish u all the happines :*

  7. Congratulations ! The three of you are really a perfect family ! I wish you a lot of happiness.

  8. Congratulations !! The three of you are really a beautiful family. I wish you a lot of joy and happiness !