Sunday, December 15

When you are a baby a lot of things happens for the first time.. and it all feels like a magic.
You see the stars for the first time, and the blue sky, you see your mommy's smile and you daddy's beard for the first time... and if you are lucky like me and your granny lives by the sea, than you see the sea for the very first time, too.

It's amazing.  
It's blue and it waves.
It's big and you can touch it but you can't hold it in your arms.
You can feel it but you can't take it home with you.
You can see it, but you can't see where it ends.

Like all the other things I saw, the sea is wonderful too!
I think this world is a pretty amazing place to be.



  1. Ne znam tko je od vas troje veći sretnik.. :) Divniiii ste mi, a za Zacka nemam riječi, totalno je neodoljiv! <3

  2. I am a big fan of this post ! And Zack is wearing a little leather jacket, like mum and dad, so cute :) Kiss

  3. if I say I'm in love with your baby boy are you going to be mad at me??
    he's so cute........ there are no words

  4. Čudovite fotke! xo

  5. Jao nisam bila na tvom blogu od kad si ga tek otvorila,i sad nekako naleteh na njega.Secam se da si pricala o vereniku itd.,vidim da sada imate i bebca,preslatko :)