Tuesday, June 12


Handball season has ended and long, stressful packing is behind us, so it was time to take some holidays and (re)charge the batteries before new challenges - for Igor that means continuing his handball carrier  in a new club and coming back in his homeland France since he signed for a French club called Cesson and for me that means moving in foreign country (for the third time in three years), learning French language and "building" our new comfort zone.
We begin our "Summer Fever", our  holidays at Igor's parents in La côte d'Azur. They live in lovely city called Saint Raphael, between Cannes and Saint Tropez. 
I will post more photos again from this lovely city in some of the next posts but for this post I wanted to share with you photos from our little trip on Porquerolles - one of the most beautiful islands in French Riviera. The island has only 200 inhabitants and it's the part of national park.
We walk for four hours to see the beauties of the island and it's costs are something I will keep in my memories for sure. 
 Here are few photos I wanted to share with you, to give you a little feeling of this French island. 
I am sure you will like them but anyway (like always) I want to hear your opinion about it. 

I am really sorry I didn't published anything last days but I was really busy with all the things happening here, hope you understand and hope you will still come here around. 
You know I love you so much each of you!

P.s. I am wearing Gina Tricot asymmetric, flower dress in case you wanted to know ;-) 

Did you miss me??

Adios Bitchachos!! Lol


  1. Da znaš da baš jesi nedostajala, ali iskupila si se ovim fotografijama. ;) Joj draga moja, predivno ti je tamo, uživaj i dalje, zaslužila si! Ovdje danima kiša i skroz ti zavidim. :D Haljinica slatka, volim boje pa je meni baš nešto zapela za oko.

    1. E pa bas mi drago, da sam nedostajala nekome, hehe ;-)
      Pusa i tebi draga i uzivaj i ti kolko mozes!

  2. Joj kakšna srčica si ti** ful lepa oblekca in slikce! Pa uživaj še zame mal ;) xx

    1. Mushei, hvala, hvala! Tvoji komenti so vedno tko nice and sweet!!

  3. super slikce, uzivaj maximalno!

    xo I.

  4. Fantastic photos which make summer feelings! :) I think I have to visit this place as well one time, but in this moment real holidays are far away for me... But one time...;)


    1. Thank you sweetie! Hope you'll have soon time for holidays and that you'll enjoy it...