Monday, February 13




Sandra explaining something...

Me & Nika

Rijana & Nika


Njom, njom

Cin, cin...

Maja's delicious choice

Hot cherries with ice...


My desert, my favourite pancakes with nuts, chocolate and cream...



C'mon everybody it's time for duck face :D

Maja & me

My, future world famous pianist

I had a wonderful time with my sweethearts yesterday night... our plan (or rather said my wish) was to go to some fancy restaurant in Ljubljana and to eat some good food and have a loooot of talk and good time together... but snow (dear Snow, I still love you don't worry) ruined our plans. It was impossible to drive to Ljubljana so we just decide to go here at the local restaurant and spend some time together... and after all it wasn't even important where were we, what was important is that we were all together (well, one was missing - Alja, because she had to work).
Rijana, Sandra, Nika, Maja, Alja and me are friends for a very long time now and we were from always such a cool group of girls... yesterday we wonder with Nika, how that we managed to remain friends all together for such a long period of time and we came to conclusion - because we were never jealous one on each other... we always support each other and we always had those long talks with a bottle of wine in the middle of the nowhere, wearing high heels and smoke cigarettes.. smiling, crying, arguing, .... all at the same time. This is one thing that I really miss since I moved to Germany... but evenings like yesterday just remind me that distance and time can't do nothing to good old friends, it can only make it better... thank you my sweethearts, I love you all so much and each of you is so special to me! Gosh, I get emotional... :))))

What do you think about this photos? About my girls? Beautiful young women, ha? ;) How did you spend this weekend? With friends? Tell me, I told you what I was doing :p ... 
What about my outfit?
Love you! Ania


  1. Hi Ania. Beautiful girls, beautiful outfits and beautiful surroundings. I guess that you had a great time with your "old" girlfriends. My weekend was not too special, except that I spent Saturday and Sunday most of my time in the sports hall watching and supporting our smallest kids playing handball. I think that it is important that me as president of our federation is taking part at lots of these events and I can feel that people do appreciate it. Enjoy your time in Slovenia and especially your mum. Big hug. Uschi

  2. outfit je res super!<3 in lepe fotke,se vid da ste uživale :)
    js sm tud cel vikend žurala :p

  3. Full hude hlace! :) ja res se vidi da ste uzivale!


  5. Lepe prijateljice imaš :) Evo to tudi rada berem- o ljudeh iz tvojega življenja.. fotke so pa cherry on top <3

    P.S.: Ta frizura in make up, ki ju imaš tu..mamma mia! Vedno bi morala imeti tako!

  6. Hi Ania! Thank you for following my blog! I really like yours as well and will definitely follow back! Your outfit in these photos is really cute! Those sequin pants are awesome.