Thursday, February 16



DO support your man and his way of playing but DON’T (never!) judge his game and being smart once when match is over (especially if they lost).

    DO (if you have to) be angry on other players, trainer, club stuff when they are assholes, but DON’T show that public, especially not on Facebook (believe me no good for you and even worst for your man!)

    DO hang out with him and other team players and their wives but DON’T become too possessive and leave him to have some private moments with his team-mates (they need a beer or two just among players for better team spirit).

     DO be attractive and talkative wag, but DON’T flirt with his team-mates. Even if to you that’s just an innocent ego booster, you can make a big damage both to your relationship and team spirit.
    DO change your lifestyle for him (if it’s necessary), but DON’T lose your personal life.

   DO adapt to his life (because it’s just necessary if you want that it works out good), but
     DON’T abandon your plans and dreams.
     DO help him with washing his dirty, sweaty, training clothes, but DON’T do all the work – let him take them out of the training bag at least. J

    DON’T argue with him when he wants to watch another handball match on TV, but DO make a choice the next time when you choose which movie you two will watch at the cinema (because we also have to be boss sometimes)

    DO – be trendy and wear great outfit for the match, but DON’T forget it’s a match not a prom dance or night out with your girls (being overdressed is not cool)

   DO - go to fancy restaurants and enjoy delicious food together, but DON’T forget to cook sometimes also at home (at the end – he is a professional athlete, and need a proper food…)

   DO be proud to be Wag, but (please) DON’T stay Wag for every price (if he is bad to you, he’s cheating you and make you feel guilty, go and find a man that will respect you… don’t be mislead by the luxury lifestyle, at the end Burberrys trench coat won’t make you happy)


  1. Dobro napisano. Zanima me, če si to napisala iz lastnih izkušenj? Hočem rečt, če si tudi sama delala katere od teh naštetih napak (don't) preden te je izučilo?

    Zanima me kaj bi rekel Igor, če bi tole bral, hehe.. mislim na tisto točko, da naj ne delamo vse za njih- naj dajo sami umazane drese iz torbe ;)