Thursday, July 25


From March to July, I have tried to add some style to my belly that was becoming bigger and bigger everyday.
At first it was pretty fun, but closer I am to the due date bigger issues I have to wear something what I really like.
Well, let's be honest, with almost 20 kilos plus, nothing really suits me anymore and even if there is an extra large dress that could look nice on me, I just don't have any motivation for pregnancy style left (at least not this days).
Igor's boxers became my best friends! But don't worry I don't leave the house in them. :D

What I have learned about style, shopping and my body while pregnant...

Well, for sure suddenly there is so many cool clothes that you would buy-wear if you only could fit in.. You know this feeling when you need something new but than you go in shopping and you find nothing? Well, that doesn't happen when you are pregnant. When you are pregnant and you optimistically go in shopping - you find amazing things, which sadly you just can't wear.

Why I said optimistically goin' in shopping and what is the side affect of that kind of shopping?

Optimistically, because not taking in to account that your belly is so big that you can't see your knees anymore, you still try to shop in Zara. You just hope that clothes will fit you if you take one or two (or three) size bigger clothes. Not working! At least not if you gain my weight. There are pregnancy collections for the reason, I just didn't won't to admit it.
It's funny when you return all your clothes after trying them - not because you don't like single one of them, but because not single one of them fits you(r belly) (even with BF's help :)

Side affect of that kind of shopping in 'non pregnancy' shops is that you get so frustrated because nothing fits anymore and you want it to fit so much that you end up buying things you love, hoping you can wear them the very next moment after giving a birth to your little gorgeous miracle.
Not very realistic thinking, but hey, you have to give some false hope to a women bursting with crazy hormons.

But, there is something nice, something good I have learned about my body during my pregnancy.
Don't get me wrong, I do love being pregnant, it's a special period, feeling life inside of you, his soft (and in the end not so soft) kicks which makes you wanna smile forever.
But there is also a little bit less nice side about pregnancy like your body changing a lot, I mean really a lot.
I am not gonna go in details about stretch marks, cellulite, fat. A big belly is so damn cute, everything else, little bit less!
So, what I have learned is that I was way to hard on how my body looked like before pregnancy. I wasn't really satisfied with not being perfect but now looking back the pics on my blog, I actually like it.
I still think I could eat more healthy and do some extra pilates workout to gain some nice muscles but I like it, actually I like it a lot ;) And I am so happy about that fact and hoping I am gonna keep that in my mind and not gonna be to hard on myself after birth when there will be a time to go back to my "old body".
If you have some good advices how to get nice and gently back in form after pregnancy, I will be happy if you share it with me.

I was a little bit longer this time, but I know you like to read me, lol.

P.s.#1 Oh yes, about the photo -  the photo is the mix of my "pregnancy looks" that I took and publish on my Instagram from March on, until now. Thanks god for the mirror in our building entrance, haha :)
P.s.#2 Don't be to hard on my english today, I just didn't have any motivation left to check the spelling once again. But I know (hope) it's not that bad ;)

Calm down, take care and come back again!


  1. I feel you :-) ko sem bla noseča sem gledala trebuhe in postave drugih mam in se sprasevala....a gre res to kdaj tji nazaj? Je to res mogoce? Tko raven trebuh po tem balonu? Tko suha? Vse je mogoce samo cas je potreben...:-)

    1. Zgleda, da si vse nosecnice postavljamo ista vprasanja :D
      Verjamem, da se z malce volje in discipline vse da, tko da bom ostala optimisticna.


  2. Kad te tvoj le petit prince ubaci u šestu brzinu da vidiš kako ćeš brzo biti fit. :) Svu šalu na stranu, u godinama si kad tijelo još uvijek prašta dosta toga i kad se uz malo truda brzo vraća na željelo. Prošla to nakon prestanka treniranja, nije ista stvar, al višak kila je višak kila. ;)

    Ne sumnjam da ćeš dobiti i hrpu korisnih savjeta, a Anja ako netko može sve što si zamisli to si onda ti. Pa će biti fotki na kojima izgledaš bolje nego ikad iako ćeš i tada, jer od toga mi cure ne možemo pobjeći, pronaći sitnice s kojima nisi zadovoljna. :D


    1. Moja draga Mihaela, uvjek je tako dobro procitati tvoje motivatorske rjeci ;)
      Ma ostajem pozitivna i vjerujem v svoje tjelo pa sta bude bude, potrudit cemo se.


  3. Anja 9 mesecev gor, 9 mesecev dol pravijo. Itak bo pa takšen tempo, da bojo šle kilce kar same od sebe dol. Se vse dokaj hitro ''nagliha'' pa tudi celulit gre stran. :D Pa srečno, ko pride dan D. :)

  4. Moram se složiti s Mihom, srećom ni ti ni ja nismo u tim godinama kada tijelo ne prašta. Tako da se ne brinem ni za tebe ni za sebe (budemo navijale jedna za drugu, gurale se naprijed ;) ). To mi je nekako najmanja briga, kakve snove u zadnje vrijeme imam (rodila sam u svim mogućim uvjetima i na svim mogućim i nemogućim mjestima) trenutno navijam samo za to da to na kraju bude samo "normalan odlazak u bolnicu". :D

    1. Hehehe, samo da se porodimo ostalo je valda sve lakse ;) A vjerujem, da ce nam i porod biti super, trebamo pozitivno vizualizirat i dobro privuci ;)
      Pazi na sebe draga i samo pozitivno dalje.


  5. I totally share your point of view about the way you imagine yourself pregnant while you want so badly clothes you know you'll never fit in because of this huuuuuge belly (kindly said)!
    Did it happen to you to be stuck between a sofa and a cupboard or another furniture, because you actually forget for a second you were pregnant, felt really slim and you were very optimistic ... but no, you just (gently) bumped with your belly into the furniture or get stuck and laughed of this awkward moment with your lover !!!!

    About getting back to your "body before pregnancy" don't rush this time, you will at some point be the same as before. Especially if you breastfeed your child, it will take more time, but you'll never know, everybody's different ;-)

    Your neighbour :D

    1. Hey, hey my neighbor! Nice to hear from you! How is the "letter game" going on? ;)

      Hehehe, it's so funny to know I am not the only one staying stuck between furniture :) It's especially funny at the restaurants where I optimistically believe I can fit between the tables, but I can't :D
      I hope you're right about the body getting back to it's shape after some period of time, I have to stay positive :D
      Nice to know you speak english!! Now we can speak a little bit more than just "bonjour" ;)


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  7. OMG awesome night with this game, we laughed so much :D you should try it ! Maybe not now ;-)
    We'll do it again, I'll tell you when if you want to play with us.

    Would be a pleasure to speak to you some times !