Tuesday, July 30


Today, I spent all day at home, sleeping a lot. I guess my body is slowly preparing for the big day or it was just one of those days when a big bed and good sleep is all I really need.
Igor started with preparations today and he went on a training camp for the week, luckily just an hour away, luckily -  in case if our little boy decide to come to the world a little bit sooner.
Tomorrow I get a visit from my French friend Colyne who is also a beauty expert and will do some nice pedicure/manicure for me.. I am looking forward to it - you can't imagine how hard is to paint nails on the feet with a huuuge belly - mission impossible I tell you.

How do you spend this days? Holidays, working, or nothing at all?

The photos you can see are actually from weeks ago, which I never publish but I kinda like them, so I decided to share them with you.
They are from streets of Rennes, city where we currently live. Great city, I think I can say this is my favorite city in which we live until now.
I will for sure share more photos from Rennes in next posts.

Xo, A


  1. Rennes is probably my favorite city in France, and not only because my family lives there!
    Good food (caramel & crêpes/galettes <3 )and shopping (at Colombia, my paradise!).
    I'm sure you'll have good time here with you little family

    1. Tif, you're right! I love Colombia too, lots of cool shops at same place.. but also boutiques in old town are worth of visit, don't you think? ;)
      I love crepes & galettes - nothing better than a walk in the town, eating outside, observing the street life!
      Happy to hear from you, if you have any good tips about Rennes, would love to hear them!


  2. Personly, i love the Thabor or the Gayeulles, to have some "quiet" time in a park after a good shopping with my cousins. And my little cousin, who is 3, love the game he can find in the park of Gayeulles =)
    And if you want a funny dinner, go to the Aubergedu ChatPitre (it is rue du chapitre in the old town)it is a medieval restaurant and when I get there last year, it was great (hope the waitress are still the same with their pretty costumes ^^). It could be a great plan when you've reach your quota of crepes for the week!
    And finally (for now ;) ) I love the "marché des lices" on saturday morning (I love to cook, and I know I'll always find good products there)
    Have a good evening!

  3. Thanks so much for all the good tips! I know the Thabor and I can say it's really nice! I put some photos also here on the blog from there.. Other places you mentioned I don't know yet, but will be glad to discover more about them!
    Thank you & take care.
    You're always welcome to visit my blog and leave some comments again! It was nice to hear from you!


  4. nice...sweet...love the old lady with orange hair :)take care

    1. You know what - we were actually seriously asking ourselves if it is a lady at all?! ;)

  5. Lušne ulice in zanimivi ljudje :D