Saturday, July 13


It's been a while since I wrote last post... it was an announcement that we are expecting a baby and it was almost four months ago. 
Since then lots of beautiful, exciting and magical things happend.
I felt first kicks, we saw our baby on the screen and we get to know that baby room will be in the shades of blue.
It's a boy and his name will be ... well, I guess I can't tell you all just right away :)

As a reader of my blog, you know that every summer (especially in summer) I travel a lot. 
This is period when we have some extra free time and that is time when we visit our families and taking vacation for our pleasure as a big fans of discovering new places. 
This summer is different because my due date is just in few weeks and it wouldn't be the smartest thing to fly around the globe at this very moment. 
That's why we for the first time, stayed at our home, here in France and took time to prepare everything for our little boy.
But.. we just couldn't resist to chance of a little escape.
We live quite near to the sea - just an hour away and we had a good excuse for escape - called babymoon.*

So, here they are, just a few photos (among hundreds of them) that we took at this beautiful beach in Dinard. 
We stayed at Novotel Dinard Thalassa Hotel, very beautiful one, which we highly recommend when you want just a quite getaway.

In case you would like to see more photos of where we stayed, what we have done, look at my Instagram or Twitter .

 Hope you enjoyed my post and hope you missed me just a little bit here on the blogging scene :)
 I for sure did miss you, you and your comments that always make my days better.

Xo, Anja

*Babymoon =  a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby.


  1. This is what I call a perfect family! All photos are beautiful but you Anja definitely stole attention from everything else. ;)

    I believe you are now very, very impatient. Kisses!

  2. brez besed sm ostala :)
    fenomenalne fotke, čudovita si <3

  3. luštna! Vse dobro vam želim...vsem trem! lp Jasna G.

  4. Wauu kolk sem vesela ko se kaj objavis,saj sem prej redno prebirala tvoj blogec in obcudovala outfite!in btw izgledas precudovita,sama in s hubby-em:D

  5. Joj lepotička, noro ti paše trebušček :) in kako si me razveselila z objavo :) resnično sem te pogreašala :)
    Lepe zadnje dni s trebuščkom in še lepše vse naslednje s fantkom :)
    Se beremo :)

  6. <3
    gros bisous à vous. Marine, Christophe & William

  7. Vse slike so tako čudovite. Ampak zadnja pa se mi je nekako najbolj vtisnila v spomin. Fenomenalna je. Upam, da se počasi vračaš...

  8. slike so amazing...še malo in obiskal vaju bo najnežnejše bitjece na tem svetu....