Monday, September 16


My son (still feels so incredible saying/writing word "my son") is celebrating his first month today.

What to say... even thought the days are sometimes long, this month passed so quickly, it feels like it was yesterday when he was born.
We get to used to each other and we already have our little rituals and routines but I am still amazed every time when I open my eyes and see him - and believe me there is lots of times I open my eyes during the night, well and day - you just have to use every chance to catch a little sleep.

I would wrote down that he is actually really good boy who sleeps for quite a few hours in a row, eats a lot and cry a little but it wouldn't be smart because you know what they say - it will turn around if you talk to much :)

... but I have to write you about how cute he is.
How he already tries to smile a little bit, how he is doing his "duck face" with his little adorable lips and how he looooves to fart on his daddy, lol.

Most of the time, Igor and I are staring at him like a two cute dumbs and trying to figure it out what he is doing, what he want.. or on who he reminds us.
Igor says that he has my lips and that he hopes that he'll have my color of the eyes and I hope he'll have his nose and his long lashes.

For us he is perfect and we love him so much.
We just can't stop cuddle him, hug and kiss him like all the time.

I know it all sounds like I sugar coat but having a kido is really something amazing.
I just can't believe I love him so much and that he really is changing us and our life so much.
It's not always easy and yes we can't wait when we will be able to sleep all night and having a lot of energy for life's adventures and yes we miss the time just for ourselves, doing what we want spontaneously but it's worth it. It really is worth it.

I could write for an hours about him but I have to hurry to pump some milk (how unattractive that sounds :D) and to catch a few hours of sleep before tomorrow's adventures.

I really hope I'll be able to organize myself more to be able to do the blogging again. I miss it! ... and I miss you my dear readers, you know this blog wouldn't be what it is without you.

Take care
Xoxo, A


  1. Kako je lep. (: Super slikice in kapica.

  2. Kakšen cukr. Si sploh ne znam predstavljat kakšen super občutek mora biti <3.
    Uživajte in cartajte se do onemoglosti :)!


  3. What a great achievement in your life! Having a baby is just the most beautiful thing in the world!
    I'm happy to see you back here, even if I know/understand it's not easy to reorganize a couple life in a trio, so take your time for you and your lovely baby, we can wait =)

    And last but not least: Congratulations mum & dad! And Happy 1rst month Baby Boy!

    take care! XX