Monday, September 30

Zack's first time on the daddy's match!

At first I was not really sure if he's not maybe to small to attend the match and if it's not to loud for him (even thought I know that the ambience in the Cesson's sport hall is quite calm)... But after pediatrician's confirmation that everything will be just fine with the little boy and after Igor convincing me that he was even smaller when his mum took him on his dad's first match I decided to go.. there was PSG playing so, I had to go ;)

... and guess what?! It was cool! I could watch my boy playing (this time by "my boy" I mean Igor.. huh that gets pretty confusing now, doesn't? lol) and the other boy was calm, sleeping in his stroller. He just woke up exactly on the half time of the game (well done, little one!) to have his snack, to pose for our friends and felt a sleep right away.

What about this crazy baby headphones!!? They are a "bit" to big but they rock!


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