Tuesday, September 24


Another great day spent with my boys in the city. 

So, this post is kinda mix of family album photos & outfit post... I think there will be a quite few of them - since (as you can understand) now is all about taking photos of our little boy.

I am not quite comfortable yet to take outfit pics since I still keep few of those extra kilos but hey! it's only one month since I gave a birth!
Damn, I have to be more easy on myself but it's hard when clothes still don't fit and when you really don't like what you see in the mirror... 
... it's a little bit of my fault (and my big expectations) but also a fault of media which gave us photos of all those skinny models that look fabulous just a "week" after a birth..
... but I guess they didn't gain 24 kilos like me in their pregnancy! 
Damn all those great cakes & ice-creams & chocolates I ate in pregnancy, lol. 


  1. Jooo, kako lepa družinica. Mali pa je že zdaj lepo oblečen.. Uh, bo vedno lep. Pravi cukerček. To so pač geni z obeh strani :D

  2. Kak ste lepi! Sinček je pravi lepotec <3

  3. Don't worry, you're beautiful! Giving birth is just fabulous, even if it means change.
    And don't look at the medias and their false truth and be proud of you you are :)
    And cake, ice-cream and chocolate are soooooo good (and bad yeah) even if you're not pregnant! so enjoy and let things happen!!
    Take care

  4. Woow,speachless 'cause of beauty!!


  5. Lepa družinica ste in ti izgledaš čudovito :)

  6. Krasni ste! Mami, kaj ti si ziher pred kratkim rodila? Super zgledaš!