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First of all - NO - this is not sponsored post, this is just me wanting to share with you the product that actually worked for me.

After giving a birth to my little lion, my body is just not the way I want it to be (but that's just ok for now).
I still have some kilos left, cellulite is saying 'hi' every time we meet in the mirror and the skin is just not tight as it could be.
But considering that is only two months after birth, that I am still not allowed to exercise (because of C-section) and that is not the smartest idea to do some extreme diet (what so or so I would never do, unless if Igor asked me and we marry next month, but that's not gonna happen :)

I brainstorm how can I do a trick and make my body look at least a little bit more skinnier and sexier (so, maybe I'll be proposed one day, lol).
And, I end up with the idea that nothing looks healthier and sexier than a little touch of the sun on the skin.
yes, there is always but!
We don't live in Miami, we live in Rennes - which is in region called Brittany... and yes it has a connection to a Great Britain and YES it has a connection with British weather.
So, no sunbathing. 
And I still don't have enough time to go to the beauty salon (just yet), so I decided to give a try to a He-Shi tanning products.

Why He-Shi?
Loving Pixiwoo sisters, beauticians Sam and Nic and having a big trust in what they are "selling" out there on their youtube channel, I find out that they are loving & using He-Shi products, so I google it, found it and gave it a try. (If it worked for them, it will work for me, was my mantra will ordering online).

Am I satisfied? 
Hell, yes I am! 
Does it works? 

1. It's really easy to apply it (with tanning mitt - look on the first picture). 
Tip: don't wash the mitt in the machine with other clothes because the color from tanning lotion will get on the other clothes - learn from my mistake, wash it by hands!
2. You immediately see the result, so you can put another layer if you want more darker tan, but keep in mind that color gets a bit darker after few hours.
3. Do exfoliate (do peeling) before applying the tanning lotion - it will prevent you from having darker spots!
You don't have to buy their products for exfoliating - you can use whatever peeling you are using anyway - if you don't use anything - the mixture of sugar and body wash will do just fine!
4.  The tan looks natural AND it lasts for quite a long time! And it washes of nicely!
5. They promise that there tanning product don't have any smell but that is not entirely true - at the begging when you put the product on, you don't smell anything but you have to keep the lotion on your body for several hours before showering and after some time, you can smell the lotion (typical smell of tanning lotions, just not so strong as others can be)

Just to let you know, I bought this products:
He-Shi Express Liquid Tan (here)
He-Shi Tanning Mitt (here)
He-Shi Exfoliating Gloves (here)

Did my body looked skinnier and sexier? Did my cellulite hide somewhere far away?
I believe that it did just a little bit of the trick... and my white shirts (that I love so much) looks much better on me know when I have this chocolate tan, lol.

I did such a good review, I hope I'll at least get some freebies from He-Shi.

Do you use tanning products? If yes, which one you use??
What are your tricks for applying tanning lotion or even better - what is your trick to look sexier and skinnier?
I'll leave comments to you!

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