Tuesday, October 22


 Remember when I promised you that I am gonna show you what Igor bought me for my birthday?

You can see how I celebrate my birthday with Igor here and with my girls here.

Already two months passed since my birthday when I got this beautiful watch and I never really had chance to show you so it's better to show it now then not at all, right?

Sometimes I follow the crowd but most of the times I prefer to walk alone... what I am talking about is that in the time when on the most of the blogs you're gonna see Michael Kors's watches (which are really trendy and I must confess looking good) I wanted something different, something cool as Kors but more special, maybe even better... and it had it to be in black.
I am not really for the gold (and in silver I already have one - my favorite Guess watch).
So, I did a little research and found this Karl Lagerfeld watch from his Karl 7 collection and felt in love.

I showed it to Igor and we agreed that it will be my birthday gift (he prefers that I tell him what I like rather then buying something that it's not gonna really be my cup of tea).
We order it in black but get it in this grey / metallic color and at first I was a bit disappointed but now I even like it more than in a black.

I know I'll wear this watch for years and it really fits to everything. Perfect match!

Which watch is your favorite one?
In which color? Do you prefer smaller or bigger ones?
I prefer the biggest ones (we are still speaking about watches, girls!)
You can even paste a link to your fav watch since I am curious what are you wearing on your wrists.

Take care, xx. 


  1. this is one gorgeous watch.............
    I love watches in all shapes and sizes

  2. Lepa je:) Jaz tut ne maram preveč barvnih. Za maturanca sm dobila uro od tete in strica, pa mi je super in jo nosim že zelo dolgo, pa tut če bi crkla bi si kupla enako, h sreči jo še kar prodajajo:) pa jo mam že 5 let:)

    1. Anja, ful je lepa! Taka simpl a elegantna... pa se srebrna k vsemu pase!

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  4. joj kok je pa lepa! bolša mi je k MK :))

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  6. I love your watch! It's sooooooo original!
    Personaly, i love the "casio vintage" (yes I know, it's like every girl has a casio nowadays..)
    But I love it... the little ones and the big ones... Silver, gold, I love it's form!
    And there is a collection for kid's (not telling you to buy one for the little one.. Did I? ;) )
    And guess what? Christmas is soon, and my new casio watch is on my list! Lol

    Xx take care xx

  7. Sva si pa podobni glede tega, da kar jih že večina ima, bom to preskočila in kupila kaj podobnega ali celo boljše. In ta ura je res huda, čeprav jaz jih ne nosim :P