Monday, October 21


As I promised... 2nd post about Lyon.
I am not gonna write anymore about that city - not because there is nothing to say but just honestly because I am really a little bit in hurry right now.

It's almost one o'clock in the morning and my sunshine is gonna rise to soon to waist any more minute awake, so I am rushing in a bed to catch some beauty sleep.

I was really a lucky girl last night since Igor was so nice to take care for Zack for one night so I could finally after two months, sleep one whole night in one piece.
I slept on sofa, with Tyson, like a baby (well, not like a baby - why they even say it like that - when baby really wake up a lot and don't have much from the sleep at all?!)

Anyway, I am gonna be back soon here with you, since I have a lot to show and talk about!
Stay tuned and tell me about your weekend!

P.s.: How do you know that you are a very busy mum?
       Well, when your uncolored hair look like ombre! Holly molly! :D
P.s.#2: The homeless happy man you see above, asked me if I would take a photo of him.
           That was really cool and surprising!

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