Wednesday, January 25



Sunday. Igor had a day off (actually, he didn't have it because between 16h and 21h, he had to watch handball EM matches, so we were forced to come home before 16h... at least he hoped so, we didn't manage it :p) and I was already struggling with being over bored - since I was just at home, studying - so we decided to do something and we choose Köln's Chocolate Museum. For me, being a huge fan of a chocolate (sometimes believing that I am actually addicted to it) seemed to be a pretty good idea. 

Hmm... if I am totally honest for me this Schokoladenmuseum, as Germans call it, is more a beautiful building, where they show you the process of making a chocolate and a place where you can have a big choice of different chocolates to buy, than a museum. But never mind, it's interesting to visit it if there is rain outside (like in our case) and if you are a big fan of this sweet thing, so you benefit from trying different types of it. I don't want to be too judgemental, it's interesting, I believe it can be especially interesting if you participate in on of the cooking courses where you can make your own chocolate, with ingredients you choose.  
The most coolest thing for me that day was looking all this happy kids, who really enjoyed watching with the big eyes how their favourite food is produced. It kinda take me back to my childhood and the times when my biggest problems was, what will my Barbie wear and how will I sneak out of the house.. ohh, those were pretty days and day are still continues... yes, I love to feel like a kid, I love to find the kid in myself  - it motivates me, encourage me and makes me playful - all those things on which we as adults regularly forget, trying to behave like a responsible persons but bringing more seriousness and stress in life than a happiness and balance. 

Do you sometimes forget on all the "adults rules" and behave like a child? What do you do? Do you jump on the rain? Do you speak like a little child? Do you let your mommy to pamper you a little bit (uhhh, I love this one)? What do you do? It would be really funny to know ;)
I jump around the house like a nut when first snow appears :D

Love you my awsome ppl!


  1. You look great! Love your jacket and boots. Great pictures. I love Lindt!

    I also like your blog. Want to follow each other? x

  2. OMG...These photos made me hungry...To your question about being a"child". I'm like that almost everyday because I have a 3-year old nephew. I love to play with him and being a child on my own. It's so nice to go on playgrounds and fool around. Or at winter when the first snow comes. I'm like you jumping around. It's good to find a balance between being a child and adult. Sometimes it's good and nice if you are a child but sometimes you gotta be serious.
    Xoxo and thanks for these photos =)

  3. YUM!!! This looks mega cool! :] Now I really want some chocolate...
    xx. Jillian &

    1. Yuupi, one more chocolate addicted? Welcome to the club!

      Love, Ania

  4. oo kok kul! js bi tud svojo čokolado nardila :D