Friday, March 16



Ahh, today was a great, sunny day.. after a loooot of rain this day was like a blessing (well already yesterday was sunny too, but since I had to work all day I don't count that :p).

 We really enjoyed it! We have ate lunch at Niko's with some of the other German handball players and their wifes (and children - well, I could actually write down "with famillies", hehe), outside on the terrace and enjoy on the sun and really warm weather.

Here are some photos of my today's look... I choose those white (too much) ripped jeans that I really love - I was a little bit scared that it was still too cold for them, but sun really positively surprised me today! I make a combo of black and white with some gold accessories... I wasn't really big fan of gold but this season I go for it.. it's just to trendy to miss that out! And, actually it isn't that bad at the end...
What do you think about my look? Do you like ripped jeans? What about gold accessories? Are you more for goldy or silver?   
Ohh yes, I almost forgot on my baby boy - he also appear here on some photos and he is pretty cute, isn't he? And I have to make a picture of his cool colourful sneakers - if I am not a lot for colours, he definitley is ;)

Love you my superstars!

Zara ripped jeans
New Yorker oversized shirt
Vero moda leather jacket
 No branded shoes
Mango bag
H&M accessories