Tuesday, March 27


Feel Köln... Last weekend was "girls home alone" weekend, what simply means two things: no cooking & runaway (and possibly shopping, too).
Our boys played in Switzerland, so we decided we will hang around a little bit... not to far but far enough from home ;)
My favourite wag from Gummersbach Ina and her daughter Tia, became a big part of my everyday life her in Germany and we really became good friends - Ina is one of those wags for which I know that I can always have a lot of fun and that no matter where she or I move next season (gosh, that's already in 10 weeks!!) we will always stay in touch. And gosh how much I love this little girl Tia, she is a big reason why I want child, seeing her and spending time with her give me so much positive energy and we always play and have a lot of fun. She is an amazing child, ... she can't (not yet) speak a lot but she knows words: "mama", "tata" and Anja, hahhaa, how cool, ha? :)
So, enough of emotions for today - what I am showing you this time are photos of Köln or better say the life that is happening in this great city... I wanted to give you the feeling, the pulse of the city, I wanted that you create your own story about that day and about happening in Cologne, through my photos...
The day was fantastic, lots of sun, lots of happy people walking around, seating on the grass, smiling, kissing, talking,... restaurants were totally full and we have to really make an effort to find a free table, to drink a coffee, who thought it was just an ordinary Saturday.
You can't really help to not thinking about how cool it would be to live in Köln (okey, like Igor always remind me - there is a looot of trafic) because you really have everything for good quality life and there is always something happening and even if you just want to take a walk near Rhein river, like we did, it's already so much fun - not mentioning how cool is than to go to your favourite shops, eat in your delicious, fav restaurants and go to the cinema or night local at the evening. Uhh, perfect... So, Dear Universe - If we have to move in next months, please let it be a big, metropolitan city ( + where Igor will play good and I will enjoy ), thank you.

Hope you enjoy in my post and hope you get a feeling of this big German city.... anyway, a question for you - did you already visit Cologne? What do YOU think about it? Which is your favourite city?

Wish you a nice, relaxing evening - with lots of hugs & kisses (no matter if it is from your BF, your mum, your dog or cat, just hug & kiss... it feels so good and it's great for your mood ;)

Love, Ania.

P.s.: It's time for me to get my body back in good shape and I am thinking also to write about that here, so if you are interested... stay tuned! 
And oh yes, I almost forget - I go to France in two days and I promise I will make updates here on my blog with lots of great photos, just for you.

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  1. joj kok lepe slike! prou pogrešam nemčijo in sprehajanje ob renu,baah-.- pa prva slikca mi je top,allstarke ftw! <3

  2. Res lepe slikce, pa že tko vse poletno deluje..ful dobr, uživaš :)

  3. a kul, si dala podaljške vn? kako so laski, ok?

  4. wa kolk hudo! js morm enx v to nemčijo že prit, mam občutek d bi mi bla ful všeč =)