Monday, March 5


I hate sitting on the sofa, trying to understand what Igor speaks with his French manager Bhakti on the phone in a – of course – French language! … Can you imagine how stressful is actually to wait and listen to conversation for which you know that is important, when you are like me (extremely) curious and you don’t understand (almost) not even a word?! And than you wait … you wait 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes … becoming extremely inpatient, not just because you want to know what the news are but also because lunch is getting cold (yep, they somehow always catch our lunch time to call ;))

But anyway, after almost an hour of waiting, trying to read Igor’s face speech (to see if what they are talking about is good or bad) you get your moment.. and when you want to hear all the details – Igor explains the point in 10 words.. and than I get angry, ahahha :)))

But let’s make it easier to understand for you my rockstars, who don’t have this “luck” to go through these phases:

DECEMBER (season starts in the middle of July):
YOUR MAN: He knows that his contract with current club run out in a few months – in June if we are totally precise and that slowly is time to think a little bit further than just on the next match. He makes some first talks with his manager about what his possibilities are.
MANAGER: He said that he will call around and that we have to wait a little bit until we don’t have a clear image of what clubs want.
YOU: Want to know or you are gonna stay or you gonna move. You wanna know what all the possible options are and start to make pros and cons.

JANUAR (time of club preparations or national team time)
YOUR MAN: Is extremely tired and sick of hard trainings... slightly nervous about his situation – not having club yet... he starts to think more about it and calls to his manager are more frequent.
Well at least if he isn't Nikola Karabatic, Daniel Narcisse, Ivano Balic or Uwe Gensheimer - in that case I believe he already have billions of great offers and he is already in the phase "April"
MANAGER: He said that he will call around and that we have to wait a little bit until we don’t have a clear image of what clubs wants and what they offer.
YOU: Are already panicky about what is gonna happen. You try to know as much as possible about all the possibilities and you start browsing for information about possible clubs. You also daily discuss about that with your favourite club’s wagy.

FEBRUAR (time when second part of season starts)
YOUR MAN: Starts showing his inpatients and stress out about next season. He wants to show his best on the trainings and maths to show that he is worth of buying (unfortunately sometimes pressure is bigger than playing and when you the most want to play good, everything goes bad)
MANAGER: Is a little bit more available and he has already some useful information’s but still nothing to hang on.
YOU: already decide what the best option would be for you and try to make plans in this direction: you start to goggle about new city, try to find out what it offers, what are the good sites about it…
YOUR MAN: Show signs of extreme impatiens, wanting to have exact offers in his hands and make the damn decision!
MANAGER: Is presenting some of the available offers…
YOU: start to make moving plan, thinking about what it would be good to clean already now so you would gain some extra time.. thinking about moving service, about vacations, about how you will organize everything.. getting slightly nostalgic about friends you will leave behind…
YOUR MAN: Making final decision. Happy & satisfied.
MANAGER: Accepting final decision. Make all the needed paper work. Happy & satisfied.
YOU: Start totally freaking out about moving. About how to manage everything, about organization, about packing, about cleaning, about holidays, about unpacking, about finding new home, about moving in new home, about new decorating, … Stressed & Excited.

If you have to wait until May or June to get a contract – change your manager!

Current phase for me?
March… definitely… all options open…
Should we stay or should we go?
Who knows… we will see… soon enough I hope..

Love. Ania


  1. js sm isto jezna ko fant use obrazloži u par besedah,grr :p pa upam, da se na koncu tako obrne, da bosta oba zadovoljna! :)

  2. That happens EVERY time Kenny's on the phone! Ha!
    Thanks for following :) I'm following back.