Thursday, July 26


If I asked you for good news
would you smile and turn away...

 Award for this outfit goes totally to my favourite wag Ina Somic... she was my inspiration and I am happy to have such a stylish wags around. She has really good taste, especially for accessories and matching things together, that's also one of the reasons why I am gonna really miss her here in France. Girl you rock!

How do you like the style and how do you like the fact that my dress became skirt? :)
What about photos?

Happy to hear from you and don't forget how much I appricate your time spent on my blog!
Love you my dolls

They didn't warn me
when I was running wild
the dragons breathing fire
in the backyard at night

now I'm just chasing time
with a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy
and as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed
don't tell me our youth is running out
Its only just begun

Song in my head:


  1. Wau, fotke so top, styling cudovit, res super :)) zelo zelo vsec :)

  2. Absolutely love the pictures. So beautiful and you're at the beach, even better!

    xx Jacqueline

  3. Hi you my dear. Absolutely astonishing photographs. A beautiful girl in great surroundings. Keep on rocking my dear, it suits you. I am eager to read your blog when you are at your new hometown. I keep my fingers crossed that everything works out smoothly for you, but also of course for Igor. Love Uschi

  4. Predivna, zračiš! :) A fotke su fenomenalne, kao i styling, kombinacija je vrh!
    (još uvijek morska) pusa ;)

  5. Ful dober outfit, majčka in krilo sta mi res všeč! :) x

  6. Čudovite fotke, čudovita ti <3