Friday, July 20


I am very proud to share with you this photos that show the beauty of my homeland Slovenia. 
This time, Igor and I went to Bled - the only Slovenian island and one of most important points of tourism in our lovely country. 
I am sure you will be amazed by the photos and no words are needed but if you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask me.

 Blejski grad - Bled Castle

 Igor and his new toy

 Try to find Igor ...

 Blejski otok / Island on Bled

Igor and his second toy.. his fav one

 Me on the island ... on the famous island's stairs

 Church on island... the legend say you have to make a wish and ring the bell

 Vintgar = Part of Triglav National Park

 Do you see what I see?! The river flow in shape of heart?

I am really proud to be born in this small but so beautiful country! 
Did you already visit it? Did you ever been to Slovenia? If yes, where?
 How do you like it?

Appreciate so much the time you spend on my blog! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Kok lepe fotke! Kar zdajle bi šla na Bled, če bi lahko ;)

  2. Predivno, ne znam koja fotka mi je bolja! I super ti je ovaj top, lajkam ti kombinaciju kao i uvijek. :)
    Od idućeg vikenda sam ponovno u normali, uz pravi net, pa će biti puno slika, a možda i koji outfit. ;)

  3. Am absolutely amazed by the beauty of your home country. Hopefully this beauty can be preserved for many other generations to come. You are a blessed photographer and I love your photos. Also your outfit is perfect for your holidays. Keep on going and take care. Big hug Uschi

  4. Res imamo lepo državo!:)xo

  5. Bled in Vintgar, lepo:D!

  6. Amazing photos! Everything looks so lovely!!
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  7. Odlicne fotografije!
    Samo ih ima bas bas puno :)
    Mozda si trebala sve ovo da podelis na 4, 5 postova :)
    Meni nisu ni uspele da se ucitaju sve :(

  8. hi honey! i love your amazing photos! :) really amazing!

    please check out my blog and if you want we can follow each other