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Yesterday our boys had a match (for which it would be much better if it wouldn't happened at all / check result and you'll understand) in Flensburg and I was home alone. Sometimes it's nice to be alone all day, chillin' on a sofa, eating shitty food that you know that won't make you thinner but it will make you happier (that's my excuse, what is yours?!) and just checking facebook, gmail, twitter, blogs, news.
But that wasn't a case this time... since I am really motivated to post in this blog regularly and of course trying to make it interesting - which sitting on the sofa isn't - I remembered the idea that Ina gave few weeks ago....

So, who is Ina?
Funny, forgetful, nice, skinny!!, big brown eyes girl, with which I share same lifestyle (her husband is also a professional handball player in VFL Gummersbach). 
Being in her company means always a lot of fun and I must confess that spending time with her and her gorgeous 1 year old daughter Tia makes my occasionally homesickness easier to handle.
She isn't on any of my photos because I couldn't convince her that her natural hair outgrowth on her colored hair won't be visible on photos :)

About Düsseldorf?
Chic, Modern, Rich, Fashionable, Big City Life. 
I can be short, can't I?

Soft Focus. Rhein River Behind.

Igor comment: I like this photo because you are not posing.

Beautiful view on Rhein river in autumn colors (with a little help of photoshop)

I am really happy when I catch some special moments, like this one, on my camera.

Remind me on an Amsterdam's buildings.

Who said buildings can't wear piercings? ;)

Xmas shop

Sevens have two great things: Philipp Plein shop & great china restaurant (+ 4 flors of Saturn for your man - you just leave him there and you'll have half day time for shopping)

There were still some Versace things left in H&M, but that isn't really my style.

Düsseldorf is all about luxury.
Love at first sight: Philipp Plein

Xmas spirit in the air.

I love this photo... Question: on how many Xmas balls can you find me? :)

That was my escape from my daily routine,  what did you do this week to make it more interesting? Tell me in comments, I want to hear about it ;)



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