Friday, November 11


Dear everybody,

it was already time, that we see us also on my personal blog. I know it take a while to really make it, but now I am here.

I am not quite sure what should I write here for my first post to make impression on you, so you would than like slave of mine, come everyday back here and wait for my new posts, with coffee in your hand, reading my blog, and make so much visits on my page that I would become like the Blonde salad and I could live just from blogging and... and.. wake up, Ania!

All you need to know at this very moment are these 4 most important ingredients of my blog:

1. Idea of this blog is unique and brilliant to me (so I promise I will do it with a lot of love and enthusiasm) and it could be pretty interesting for you.

2. There will be short but funny writing (since point of this blog is improving my writing skills, between other reasons… still hoping on success of the Blonde Salad).

3. Photos, photos, photos... yes I love to take photos!
I am not professional photographer and I proooomise I will never try to convince you I am (at least not until I become one).

4. Secret... I know you hate them, and you would like to know it right away... but all the good things come at the end, so wait until my next post. Coming soon, I promise once again (oh, god I gave so many promises in such a short post).

Oook, I will give you a little tip what the secret is - it is about you! Yp, just everybody, all 7 billions people in the world can be a part of my secret... including you!

See you soon.


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