Wednesday, November 30



"If I make it here, I can make it anywhere..." yes, that was my first thoughts when I moved from sunny seaside, lovely north city in Germany, the institution of Handball, Kiel - to a rainy, foggy small city called Gummersbach.
First day living in this small city, I believed forgotten from everybody, I cry. Yes, I confess. In my head there was a racing battle between all the negative comments I have heard about Gummersbach, about people living here, about club, about weahter, comments like "you're gonna get depressed there", "you're gonna live in the middle of nowhere" and my soothing thoughts that try to convince me that is not all that bad, that now I am a little bit closer to my family and that I will make new friendships here + hey, here is a great big city Cologne, just a 45 minutes away.

Today, a year and a half later, I am still here in this small, lovely city, pretty sane and happy.

My advice to every girl (that will move with her handballer here) would be: forget all that you heard about Gummersbach and start your own way of discovering it.
Yes, maybe it is not the biggest city, yes maybe there is no Zara, Mango or Peek&Cloppenburg, maybe you'll not have a chance to walk in the center more than 20 minutes in one way (hilarious I know) and just maybe there is no big kino, no big wellness spa and Mexican restaurant (but a lot of Chinese  restaurants).
But there is just enough of everything for living comfortable life. I learned in this year that how you are gonna feel don't depend on a city in which you are living but on your own state of mind. If you always find something that you complain about, there is no city in the world that will make you happy.

This was meant to be a post about match but let's be honest - my handball knowledge is on the level of the local fan's little son which come on the match, so he can just eat his "bratwurst" and yell and run with other kids :-)

Since I feel a little bit guilty about my post about the match that isn't, I decide I will make one more in December, for the match between VFL and THW and since I am already writing a lot about Gummersbach, I could also make a post about it. What do you think about it? Is there anything that you are interested in? Any suggestions?

Here are just few photos from Friday match, with some comments..

Ohh, shame on me, I almost forgot:  we won! :-)
Result was 41:23.

Guys in action...
Fan of an opposite club... Buuu.. hehehe

Are they gonna make it?

 Of course! They are our little cheerleaders... and this little boy look like a big fan of them :-) 

 Rezar in action 

My seat view... not pretty much, ha? 
Our fans are the best!

 My baby boy in action

Luka is our Croatian friend's son

 Igor signing autographs 

 Hmm... which number is this?

 Creative fans

 Our Croatian friend's daughter Magdalena, also our cheerleader 

And our little Tia, daughter of our goalkeeper Vjenceslav Somic and his wife Ina

Schwalbe - our biggest sponsor 

Tia is the biggest fan of the VFL
Remember my inspiration from the last post Big City Life Ina? Now we have her photo!! :-)

Our little VIP

 Two lovely ladies... The blonde one is Karen, girlfriend of Jörg Lützelberger. Really pretty girl. 

 Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors, ...

Me and my dear friend Barna Putics
Bonnie & Clyde? Noo, Johnny & Carina ;-) 
 Our management girl Fabiane (also a girlfriend of our Patrick Wiencek) & our Dennis Krause 

  Brothers Anic... love you!!

  Like at home so it's in vip... nothing in order guys!!

 Do you like handball? Do you have your favorite team? I would like to know more about it.. leave your opinion in comments below, I'll to read them with pleasure.

 Xoxo, A.


  1. Aaah Anja :D du hast Gummersbach auf den Punkt genau beschrieben:)! Eins muss man aber noch erwähnen: seit ich in Essen wohne, fällt mir auf, wie schön es in Gm war mit dem Hund zu laufen! Haustür auf, 10 Schritte, schwups im wald!
    Hier in essen hab ich zwar Zara und Mango und vieles, vieles mehr (jaja ich merks an meinem Konto!) aber für eine Wiese oder den Wald muss ich mit dem Auto los:(!
    Bussi* und liebe Grüße aus Essen auch von Ole an euch beide!

  2. Sinah, du bist so süss!
    When you are going to be here in Gummi, write me so we can drink coffee in our lovely Gummersbach! Hope you two enjoy together.
    Kisses from all of us to you 2... including your little doggie!

  3. <3 from slovenia...mwaaaa it