Tuesday, November 15


Ania'lysis: Kinky Rocker Jewellry
Inspired by: Stefan & Vanessa Zappe
(the little secret of my blog is - that my every post will be inspire by someone... it can be known or unknown person.. it can be you!)

For my very first Ania'lyse I choose Kinky Rocker Jewellry, and been inspired by the owners of this jewelry label.


Well, it is the IT-piece that totally fits to my style, I could actually say that it fits just to everybody. You really can wear it with different styles, you don't have to be a rock star, but please rather don't mix it with preppy stuff (if fashion police won't kill you, the owner of brand will!)
In case you don't have any idea how to wear it with your clothes, google "kinky rocker" or take a look at their home page http://kinky-rocker.com/ and discover how many German celebrities wear it & how they mix it with their styles... they are pretty cool, ha?


The piece itself is rockin' enough, don't need another advertisement.. that's way I'll just stop with marketing and say what is the real reason that they get my attention and my first post:
Did you ever heard that been thankful makes you happy, rich & successful? If, you didn't, remember it now!
Being thankful become my daily mantra, and I am very thankful to Stefan & Vanessa that they send me this rockin' jewellery. It is such a good feeling to get something for free + it is great + you are allowed to write some nice things about them :p

I believe (or hope) that my thankfulness will bring me some other goodies from other cool brands so I can ania'lyse them and make some graphic stuff, that I so much love to make...

What do you think about my photos?
I made them with my Sony camera and add drawings on Ipad... and if you know Igor and me, then you now who make the drawings!

But... (again this but)

one drawing was made by me!

Take a look and meet:

Sweet Cherry

Crazy Shooter

Wild Pigson




Sleepy Queen

Marilyn Monroe


Skiny Bikiny


And for the end - here it comes - the question for a million dollar... well not for a million dollar but nothing much less, the question for a piece of jewellry from Kinky Rocker collection: Which drawing is mine?
Is it the Skiny Bikiny or is it Marilyn Monroe, or maybe the Grumper?

Tip: don't underestimate my drawing skills, hahahaa

Send your answer on: anialysis@googlemail.com
(don't forget to send your name+surname+adresse)

Lucky winner will be known in the next post.


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  1. I hope it's the skinny bikini...... I like it!

    Wish you good luck for your blog..... and I want to see a lot of photos and I want to read a lot of funny stories of your daily life.

    kisses from Miami