Saturday, November 19


Ania'lysis: Amsterdam City
Inspired by: Vanja Milicevic

This time I will be as short as possible. First reason: I am already late for my boyfriend's handball match and Second reason: I could wrote a novel, both about Vanja's blog and about Amsterdam but why wouldn't you be just inspired by me and go visit both - Vanja's blog and Amsterdam (and then you can make blog inspired by me, hahaha).

Important things I have to wrote before I run on the match:

1. Please, please, please sorry for my bad english but I really don't have time to be good at it in the moment (what a lame excuse!)

2. Why Vanja Milicevic: few weeks ago I discover her blog and I was right away inspired by her outfits, photos, the way she create her blog. I don't know her personaly but she inspired me and I am thankful to her for that.
When I discover her post from/about Amsterdam I knew she will be mentioned in my blog ;)
Check it:
It is worth, I promise. I hope she will be happy that she was my today's inspiration.

3. Why Amsterdam:
* BECAUSE it is just 2,5 hours away from us
* BECAUSE of it's Coffee Shops (no, I don't smoke, but you have to admit that it is crazy to know that people are "high" just on every corner and it's no big deal at all ;)Everybody happy, Everybody smiling ;)
* BECAUSE of all the other cools stuff: Red light street, interesting buildings, water everywhere, lots of young (high) people, good shops, ...

I said I will be short?
Oh, it is so much to write but I just have to go... It's my honey's job, it's my pleasure looking him swetting with other guys :)))))

Ohh, yeah I almost forget - the winner of Kinky rocker necklace is Ula Sotensek, congratulations Ula!

The awkward moment when you want to throw a chair through the window but it stucks

Real one or not? Guess!



  1. hude slike! sem zelo vesela, da si naredila blog! :)

  2. Oooo Anči kok lepe slikce! Žariš <3 Mene je Amsterdam očaru!

  3. Hvala Anci! :*
    Vidim da si uzivala v Londonu + da si super goodies nabavila :))