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December. Month of wishes. Month of happiness. Month of little magic moments. Month of family and friends. Month of cold & red noses.
For today's post I get inspiration on Facebook. I woke up, look at my wall page and see lovely photo of Xmas tree, published from Ana Colja.
I said to myself: "why not". I have time & lust. 
First about my inspiration:
Ana Colja is my - let's call it "virtual friend" (read: we are just FB friends, I don't know her (yet) in person).
She is not just an ordinary girl. You know I love woman with energy, woman that did something from their life, woman that are successful in whatever they do & they love what they do. It seems that law of attraction really works, since one or another way I always attract interesting people. And Ana it must be one of them. She must be interesting, she must love what she is doing... hey, the girl was the "it-girl" for Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior and Lacoste. She appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire & Elle. And guess what: she is Slovenian. And I am very proud on that!
You rock girl!

Second about my Ania'lysis - Xmas Deco:
People would think, that once you move so far from all your family and friends, once you live busy life of a professional athlete's girl, when packing things become your hobby, that then you forget about Xmas stuff.
At the moment when I am writing this, I feel a little bit homesick, remembering moments on Xmas with my family, but actually the fact that I am not being able to be with them, makes my lust for this magic day even more stronger.
Since Igor is a handball player with his obligations for club, you can imagine that for Xmas he have to play if there is a match on the schedule. People like to see good sides of professional athletes but forgetting that there are also some challenges. He cannot just say "hey boss, today I will take a day off it's Xmas and I want to be with my family." Nein, leider gehts nichts, would Germans say.
So, what I wanted to say is: since we are not being able to be with ours families for Xmas we decided, we want to use not just this special day but whole December, to remain ourselves how happy we are to have them and be thankful for all we have in our lives.
 This little sparkling things in our lovely home makes this December spirit even more magical and special.  
And every time when I look at  this green, glitter, sparkling Xmas tree I smile, because no matter how far they are (not too far that they couldn't get or send the gifts:), they are always close to me (thanks god for Skype, mobile phone & Facebook).
I love you, you crazy Polanec Family :-)

Hmmm, guess who is kissing me here.. :)

Hmm... what is that? Something to play with?

Pure Love

One of my favorite photos in this post

Since I love candles I want it to try a little bit different deco with them, how do you like it?

And another "last minute" deco..All you need is a wine glass + candle + flower. What do you think?

While I was taking photos, he had an important "Call of duty"

Who is hiding here?

Igor, that could be my new accessories, ha? :p

If Tyson won't eat it ...

Ohh, you get a kiss, you are a good boy (he didn't ate our deco lights)

Another good boy, helping with Xmas tree

Tatattraarrraaa... the final result...

Our guardians under the tree

Thank you Ana for inspiration. And thank you for reading my blog. I must confess I am very positive surprised how many of you read my blogue and since I want that it stays this way I would be very happy if you give me some suggestions, how to improve my blog, how to make it even better for you.

Xoxo, A.

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  1. ja kok lep post, pa še lepši kuža :)
    Francoski buldog, ane? Tisti ki ga pa imam jst na slikici je pa Boston terrier. :)