Monday, December 5



It was pretty stressful week behind us. Losing an important match and changing the trainer of our club. Igor and other guys were under a lot of pressure and stress lately so I get an idea that on the free day - that was Saturday - we could do something that would relax him a little bit and make him forget about handball for few hours. 
Of course his wish was to stay home, laying on the couch, playing the Call of duty and don't giving a shit about anything but that was not the case. So, I am not really sure if this post is inspired by him or me :)
Igor of course didn't want to be the only victim of the bored girlfriend that want to drag him somewhere, so we call his little brother Mario and his team guy Barna Putics + his wify Csilla to join us.

After a looong drive (in Germany going on a road at Saturday around 3 o'clock pm is a big mistake), we needed half hour for the last 4 km, we arrived in Oberhausen. At the same second when we parked I felt in a big temptation - Sea life or one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe, both just few steps away. Well I celebrate victory over shopping temptation and my wallet too (in other words I didn't even try to suggest to Igor that there was also an option to visit shopping center) and we went to Sea Life.

So, I guess you also want to know a little bit about Sea life? Well, okey ;)
It is a great place.. First I thought - okey that is something where families goes when parents feel obligation to do something smarter with kids than yelling and catching them at the shops. But I was wrong. Wrong. And wrong again.
I don't know what really is the magic of it - too much stress in last week and than just a little change of environment make such a big difference or it is just really cool there. I felt like a little kid discovering new world. I was amazed. Everything was so soothing and relaxing. Great ambient. Good music (you know the one you hear at the spa centers), everything in glass, beautiful fishes everywhere and special light effects. I felt like feeling connection with nature. When I was starring above me in aquarium all I could see where nature light, water and beautiful, colourful see creatures. 
I felt so relaxed and I try to catch all this feelings, moments on my camera. But this time I didn't really have luck, while I could only take photos with Iphone quality is not perfect. Anyway.. I keep those moments in my mind. And yes once again, we have to enjoy in our lives and from every single even smallest thing make a magic memory.

Did you ever visit Sea life? There are many around the world, take a look at their web site and go visit one near to you. It is a nice little adventure.

I was amazed watching this incredable sea creature

Scary fish :)

They were so cute posing there :)


Me & my brother from another mother ;) Mr. Anic Junior

Smile everybody :)

And one for the end just to show you how crazy can our guys can get... 

 Wish u a good begining of a new week. 
Xoxo, A.

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