Saturday, December 17


ANIA'LYSIS: Searching for a perfect jacket for New York
INSPIRATION: me & cold weather in NY

First of all I want to apologize for a bad quality of photos, but I guess you understand that they were made in hurry (no time for photo, time for shopping) and they were made with my new iphone (I finally get it, my old one was already in bad 'shape' ;) and because my "profi" camera is to big for hanging around with me on a shopping day. 
So, what is this all about? Actually about my jacket, well and Igor's jacket and Ina's bunch of things she has to return in Zara (buying shoes online is not always the best idea, especially because you can't really feel how comfortable they are). The thing is that I am a huge fan of a leather jacket and the fact is that if you ask me I could wear it the whole winter, but that' maybe not the smartest idea and since (you already know by now) we are going to New York, where we plan to hang out a lot and let's face it - the winter in NY is not really the best friend of a tinny leather jacket and since I believe that all my other jacket & coats are not worth seeing NY, I decide I need new, warm and comfy jacket or coat. Or just whatever that will make me feel cozy and warm but I won't look like Eskimo. 
Yes, and Igor needed new jacket two, because NO, he cannot wear sponsoring jacket.
So, we call Igor's brother Mario and my Gummersbach's gang girl (muahaha, I had to write that down) Ina and we went to Cologne. Ohh, man I love Köln, it's like half of Slovenians living in one city (yes we are small, but we have word LOVE in name of our country and that's why we are cool). 
Anyway, it was rainy and cold but we had fun. We split - Igor & Mario went one way and me & Ina another way. It was smart decision, because Igor and Mario are just not in such a good shape as we are (laughing out loud) and they couldn't follow as. With Ina we went in few shops like Zara, Mango, Gina Tricot, Vero Moda and Peek & Cloppenburg, I don't know where boys went but we had pretty good strategy.
 Since Igor's opinion means a lot to me, and he appreciate mine too, but we were in different shops - we have made photos with phone - photos of jackets that could be the "it piece" and send them through an sms to each other and than comment it.
After five hours of searching for a perfect jacket (one was too small and no other number, one could be the one but something was missed, one was cool but not really my style - you know how it is when you search exactly one particular piece - you won't find it of course) we went in last shop before I would give up and I found it, actually I find two jackets! Hmm... and if before was problem to find the one right one, now was problem to decide which one to buy. I call my boy to come over and to help me to choose. And we did a good job (I believe).
I was exhausted and dehydrated (why I always forget to take water with me?!) so we just sit down in a lovely part of Peek & Cloppenburg where you can rehydrate yourself and drink coffee, well others did, I drink (mmm) Strawberry - Yoghurt smoothie.
I think I have loose lots of calories while shopping and get some pretty nice stuff (look at the photos). I will show you my new jacket in one of the next posts, promise.
I am really happy and thankful (don't forget to be thankful everyday it makes you happy and satisfied) for such a lovely day, for my lovely ppl (Igor, Mario & Ina + great woman that work in Zara - she was soooo nice - every seller should be like her) and for lovely stuff I get.

Hope you like it.
Do you have your favourite jacket? or favourite shop? Where do you buy your clothes - I need some inspiration for "new year" outfit (I found perfect dress but not right size - hope I'll find it somewhere else).

Love. Ania

On my wish list

Love high heels

 Doesn't she looks like a girl that just came from streets of Paris?

Look at the man behind me :) He wanted to be on photo too ;)

Love this outfit but not sure if I would wear it

What do you think about this dress, Ania?

This was one of the options for my new jacket, it was really cosy & warm but I looked so big in it 

Frenchie everywhere

One of the options for his new jackets.. but he didn't buy it.

My little Mario was tired

Another option for jacket ... this one was really cool, waterproof but also expensive 

My new boyfriend? Naah

What a great lamp!

I kinda like this shop - Kiko

Another great shop with retro stuff

This one was one of those favourites jackets ... but I decided for the other one. Please ignore the expression on my face /blush/ 

Wii... goldie shoes

 Under my umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, ... 

My new lipgloss - I like it because it's not shining - it's mat and in nice color

The ones that are also friends with me on FB saw that I published something like this but from Givenchy as my wish product and now I get it in cheaper version from Kika - it's great. Good small with little sparkling pieces inside of parfume.


  1. kok hude slikice, ampak še hujši šoping ;)

  2. Irena - tocno ta v Mangu, mislim pa da jih ima tudi Bershka in celo H&M.. Tle v Nemciji so trenutno kr IN..