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Why was the 8th December, day that I will never forget? Why I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, and believe me I was?

My life wasn't always easy, well sometimes it was actually pretty hard. I had a nice childhood (thanks to my mum) but there were some financial problems (to which lot of you, I believe can relate) and lots of times this financial problems also lead to a family problems.
I am coming from a small town, where dreams was lots of time all I had. And my childhood friends can tell you I was a big dreamer (and I still am). I was always dreaming and believing that I can achieve something. I was always believing in better life. Oh gosh, I remember when I was maybe 9 years old and I was running to my best friend just two floors above us and try in hurry to explain her that I want to create a music band (of course she just laught at me), than next time I was telling my mum that I will be a journalist and starting to collect articles from newspaper (I still have this map at home) and then I decided I want to be a manager of a big successful company (and I am actually finishing my university for management). And than next time, and the next time... I could continue all night long (yes, actually it is 0:51 when I am writing this, I don't know why I always get inspiration so late at night) what were and are my plans, ideas and dreams but that is not the exact point of this blog.

What I wanted to wrote down is, that despite all things that happened to me in my life that I was always moving on, I was always believer (sometimes really desperate one). When everybody was telling me that I can't, I prove them wrong.

I was coming from "fucking nowhere, fucking no one"  and they said when I started dating professional athlete: "he will just used you, athletes are that way" and we are together happy three years. They said it will be hard for me in foreign country and that I will come back home, and yes it is hard sometimes but I am still here in Germany after two years and I would do it again and again and than they said I will never finished university and look I am just two exams away from graduating.
After a while people stopped saying me stupid things because they saw what I have achieved and where and who I am today (and maybe they just realized that all this stupid remarks were signs of there own insecurity and poor life).
I always believed that I am gonna become someone, some day.. and I did (and I can become even more).

And every time when I feel bad, and every time when I have bad days, I say to myself: "Look how far have you come" and just put smile on my face and move on.

On Thursday, my boyfriend Igor told me, that my Xmas gift from him is a trip to New York. On 30th of December we are gonna fly to New York, sleep few nights in Sheraton Hotel on Manhattan and spend our New year's eve on Time Square with million of other lucky bastards :) 

... my dear readers, I am actually crying while writing this just realizing how blessed I am and I guess I don't have to write down that my dream come true. Visiting New York is just amazing, incredible dream that will happen to me.

I guess you ask yourself why I am sharing with you all this my personal stuff but I just feel I have to. I have to show you that dreams DO come true, that everything in life can turn around if you believe and love. I am a very good example of that.
And if I helped just one girl to become believer and to look on the life like on a journey with countless opportunities my mission with this post succeeded. And this girl is gonna be extremely lucky one (and maybe go to New York someday, hehe)

Ok, let's stop being pussies now and write me down all your suggestions for NY city... what to visit, what to see, where to go?? I wanna know/hear everything!!

Love, Ania.

P.s.: but I'll never forget where I came from ;)

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  1. Ja super Anja...definitivno morš obiskat VS shop, pa kej fajnga nabavt...aaaaa sm kr jst vesela :)) Men je moj k j biu u amerik sam sliko od štrcune poslou sm bla čist frtik haha Dougcajt sigurn nou...Mejta se najlepš :) Elvisa B.