Thursday, December 22


Just a few days more (or weeks?! no, days) and we will celebrate new year... while thinking what to wear for this year's Silvester party I tried to remember what I was wearing last year... and (as you can see from the photos) I didn't wear a lot :D Black leather, red lipstick and fake eyelashes... I was a cat woman and it was sooo cool!
Every year (since me and Igor are couple) I travel to France for new year holidays since Igor's home is in Saint Raphael on Cote d'Azur. That's not so far away from Montpellier where was last year party. The host of the party were Igor's (childhood) friends, Nikola Karabatic (for the one that don't know a lot about handball: the best handball player in the world)  and his brother Luka (also a handball player)
Dress code of the evening was: super hero!
We already before decide who will be which character, so it wouldn't be too much same ones and as you can see we did pretty good job.
My favourite one was Jeny (Luka's girlfriend) aka Angelina Jolie. She was just so original and so damn pretty, but how wouldn't she be - she is a French model (maybe you saw her in TV commercial for Nivea?) and also work on French TV but above all very nice person.
I won't tell you too much details of the party, not this time but you get few photos so you can imagine how much fun we had and decide which is your favourite super hero?
And, ohh... behind which character is hiding Igor, hmm.. not that hard - or?
That was my first that kind of new year party where we had dress code and I must confess I really enjoyed being a cat woman!
Did you ever been of on a Silvester party that had dress  code? If yes, what was it? How do you like my costume and tell me which is your fav one? I am really interested to know ;)

Love. Ania

P.s.: I almost forget - at this party I meet one of the most nicest persons in my life - lovely Geraldine - she is just so natural and so lovely. Happy to know you Geraldine.

Avatar & Catwoman 



Spartan & Xena

 Captain America, Wolverine & Kick ass

Angelina Jolie & Jocker

Batman & Batwoman

Angelina Jolie

Superman & Superwoman

Superman, Superwoman & gorgeous Xena

Mario as Super Mario
Super Heroes

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